This track is currently not available from Tidal. Too many failures. Stopping Playback

Argh! I thought we dispensed with this ridiculousness two years ago. Why is it happening again?

Yes, I did search support, it said to disable and reenable Tidal. This does not fix the problem.

I got a month of UK tidal so I can listen to Pink Floyd in MQA, but it is going to complete waste. Because Roon won’t play anything from UK Tidal.

@Support, please help.

@G_Man Have you tried playing the tracks directly from Tidal? You say you subscribed to UK Tidal specifically for MQA, but if you’re not in the UK, you may be running into a regional restriction.

If Pink Floyd plays properly directly from Tidal, please send me a screenshot from your Tidal screen showing a track playing in MQA. Please then find the same track in Roon, check in versions, and send a screenshot of that, so I can look into any discrepancies. If you receive an error message at any point, please send a screenshot of that as well.

Hi Kirsten,

I found another thread talking about this problem extensively. I tried all the solutions there and… sure enough, it was a Tidal subscription problem, not a Roon problem.

I was convinced the subscription was not the problem, because I listened to it last weekend, but I was wrong.

My apologies,

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