This track is not currently available on qobuz and tidal

Hi all,

An odd problem, I was just listening to the new Weezer Black album, I have added the album via qobuz. Now I can play the first 4 tracks no problem, but if i move onto track 5 and beyond I get the error message This track is not currently available on qobuz although it is showing as available and in my library.

There is no visual indication that tracks 5 and beyond are not available. If I switch to tidal, I see something similar although this time a red unavailable from track 5 onward.

I have tried logging out of qobuz, logging out of roon and then coming back and re-entering credentials.

Any thoughts on how to solve? Is this something to do with Weezers release schedule? Although if that was the case why is it even showing up?

I also notice the new UNKLE album won’t play but is showing up as available

Hi @tahsu,

Some tracks from the album are available early, but the rest of the album has not released yet. TIDAL is correctly showing that these are unavailable, and they are in Qobuz as well. We are currently working with Qobuz to resolve an issue where some tracks are showing as available but are not actually available. We hope to have this resolved soon.

Hi @dylan. Thanks for clarifying, that makes sense.

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