"This tracks is not currently available from Qobuz"

I get this for every track I try to play from Qobuz. I am signed in to the service. I can see the Qobuz library in Roon, but when I select something, I get the above. The sign-in page in settings says “No stream formats available” under STREAMING QUALITY. I logged out and back into the service. My local content plays normally.

Have you tried rebooting everything?

Also try logging out of both Roon and Qobuz then rebooting everything including the router. That fixes a lot of problems.

Did all that multiple times. Same result. Switched from ROCK core to MacBook core. Same result. I reauthorized my Tidal account on this system and it works fine. Local tracks work fine. Qobuz shows me the Qobuz library but won’t stream.

@support PLEASE help this nice person out of his predicament.

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Hello @Lee_Dickinson,

Thanks for letting us know and so sorry about the trouble :sweat:

Just to confirm, can you stream music from Qobuz outside of Roon?

Could you please navigate to your Qobuz account, change your password and then connect your Qobuz account in Roon?

Thanks a bunch :pray:

I can play tracks on my Qobuz iOS app. I changed my password in Qobuz and went into Roon and changed the credentials. It logged me in and I could see the Qobuz library but any track I tried to play erred out with “This track is not currently available on Qobuz”. In the Settings/Services/Qobuz dialog box it shows: STATUS “Successfully Logged in” and STREAMING QUALITY “No stream formats available”.

Hello @Lee_Dickinson ,

Can you please reproduce this issue, note the exact local time + date of the failure and then use these instructions to send us a log set from the Core for review? Thanks!

Maybe we should place this support ticket on hold or cancel it at your option because I believe my credentials issue is with Qobuz. After working well for nearly four months, it suddenly didn’t work. They say I don’t have a paid subscription though I have provided them with a copy of the payment I made for an annual subscription. What I don’t understand is how it allows me to log-in and see the library but not play it. When I log in to Qobuz directly I can see the library but only play samples. To their records, it looks like I have a log-in but no subscription. I told them that I wanted to cancel my subscription so that it doesn’t renew, but I’d like to get the benefit of the year that I paid for.

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Both Qobuz and Tidal WILL allow you to log in to your account even if you do not have a current paid service.
You still have your account under your username regardless.
If not how else could you then add or change your subscription plan.
And 30 second samples of tracks is certainly what Qobuz allows on a non current subscription.
So yes your " issue" right now appears to lie directly at Qobuz door!

I hope this is not an indication of problems to come as I changed my plan to a paid upfront yearly one to save some $$$ too a short while ago.

I reinstated my Tidal account @ BestBuy for $99 annually and I am treating Qobuz as “lesson learned”.

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