This was going SO great! and now I can't play from anything, wth, lol

@StopMaking Sense Thanks for your input here … I believe I was able to successfully switch to Device Volume instead of Fixed Volume in Device Setup … and I’m still getting no volume … any other ideas?


wassup @xxx … I’ve been outta pocket … you got any great ideas how I can get my jam back on?


Hey @Rockhound is my volume sed to be used to 100 in Roon?

And, do you have any more tricks up your sleeve to help me get my jam back on?


hey, sorry I didn’t proof that before I pushed send … am I supposed to, is what that’s supposed to say

In Roon Device Setup, set Volume Control = Device Volume.
In your CXN menu select Audio > Digital Pre-amp Mode - toggle either on or off and see if one of them gives you sound (be careful to have your amp volume turned down very low as you make those changes then gradually increase it)

OK, so I went back and double checked it and it did allow me to successfully change the volume setting from Fixed to Device, but it will not allow me to set the Min and Max volume setting … when I enter 100 as the value for the maximum setting, it won’t allow me to Save it for some reason. It stays at zero.

Any ideas?

P.S. Anyone else out there seeing my bafoonery? lol I’m open to suggestions.

Sucks pretty hard being broken down on Roon …


See my post above - toggle the Digital preamp mode on your CXN

When I toggle preamp mode I’m not getting any sound …

CXN has airplay and spotify connect - can you see your CXN as a device in spotify and play to it?

I freakin got it!

It was a setting on my Cambridge Audio 751R a/v receiver … I had it set to digital input instead of rca

Back up and jamming! Thank you SO MUCH for your help, man!

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Glad to hear it - enjoy the music!

Will try to pass it on by helping some other newbie who’s broken down on the side of the road …

Rock on, my brother!


Great news. Happy listening!

Hey @Rob_Williams2,

Thanks a whole lot for bringing this up and engaging with our subscribers to get it sorted out. It looks like in just a few days you were up and running :heart:

I’m so sorry we weren’t around to help right when you created the post. I sure wish that would have been the case. We’re working on replying to everyone as soon as possible.

Is there anything we can do now? :nerd_face:

P.S. Thanks everyone for your generous help :pray:

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