TIDAL: a network or connection error is interfering with TIDAL playback

Is anyone else getting this problem with every single one of new MQA Master albums.


Nope – playing just fine here.

I’m getting it.

I’m having trouble logging into Tidal through Roon on my Mac. Roon is reporting a network error. I’m using 1.2 build 165. I can use browsers and the Tidal app just fine.

I’m having this problem. Been using roon since day one and tidal hifi can play uninterrupted for days. But as soon as I play a tidal master, first track plays a few seconds then stops and skips through tracks telling me network or connectivity is interfering with tidal playback.

I cant even get Tidal Masters to play any other rate than 44/16.

I have tried everything, obviously something missing.

If it’s 44/16 in the Roon display of the resolution then it’s not a Master file. They are all 24 bit in my experience.
You have to favourite them in the Tidal Master section and Re Sync Roon and Tidal. I flag them with MQA in the version window and delete standard res Tidal copies.

having the same issue here… it appears to happen with some better sounding tracks, even in 44.1 16 bit… I supppose they are larger files to stream/handle, and the same issue @jimimacmini is having with anything in 24 bit…non of those are playing. with 16 bit stuff is like intermittent, but 24bit stuff no way. But then on Tidal app on PC and phone, everything plays back fine.
It has happened only about a few days ago, but have not been able to get it sorted out yet. One day I restarted remote and problem solved, the next day I had a power outage and the core turned off… core restarted and have been having the same issue ever since. It appears it gets worse when pushing the forward button, makes playback time even shorter. it skips the song and sends the message after some 2 or 3 seconds of playback. It’s so frustrating, since I usually use roon for tidal playback through my main system. I’m no networking expert or anything near that… so all i can do is try and restart and maybe uninstall the roon software and reinstall roon again… but I’m worried I will loose all my actual settings and libraries… can that happen If I choose to go that way?

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Hi Arturo, Eric from Roon has a set of logs and a description of my set up at the moment and Roon are looking into this problem, when they find an answer it should show up here or I will let you know. In the meantime it’s a little annoying isn’t it.

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I’ve also experienced this on Master files - may play a track completely and then on next track stops after several minutes and this message comes up. It then goes onto the next track which sometimes plays but more often gives up again after a while. The problem has only appeared over the last two days for me. (I use a Mac Mini, latest version, with Meridian Explorer 2 DAC)


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Happening on all Tidal albums. Error message started about 2hrs ago

Yep me too - never had this issue before - having to go local.
Its happening on standard cd files as you say.

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Error message:

TIDAL: A networking or connectivity problem is interfering with TIDAL playback

Symptom: Some fraction of a song is played, followed by error message and skip to next song.

Other information:

  • Local files playing OK through Roon
  • Tidal playing OK through web browser
  • Location: UK
  • RoonServer running on Linux (QNAP .qkpg)
  • Log extract here: http://pastebin.com/k0BYgSrA

Have tried restart and double-restart trick of RoonServer.

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Just so you are aware, I’m in the UK and also have issue playing tidal music today - even using their application.

Songs are stopping while they buffer etc. It appears to be song related as some play instantly and work fine - other take 30 seconds to start then stutter.

It shure is, even more considering that Tidal is mostly what I hear, I´m actually in love with the app, the roon environment, the way it sounds and all of that, but Im very dependent on tidal playback right now, as I´m trying to expand my hi res library, which is very limited at the moment… in the meantime, the whole thing just doesn´t work.¡¡¡ at least not continuosly… I hope this gets sorted out soon, considering the new master quality albums Tidal has been uploading… those things sound great¡¡¡¡ I´m also hoping Tidal keeps adding more and more content, they are adding a few new things every day… Anyway… thanks for the tip though… I appreciate it…

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I also tried restarting roon core, and seemed to have solved the problem, at least temporarily, I´ll have to see for how long the stability runs… It´ll be annoying having to restart core everytime this happens…

Maybe a problem with the new MQA (master) format? Maybe an overwhelming demand of playback of those files could be crashing the servers? who knows, it might be a Tidal related problem, initially I discarded that option since I could play tracks on PC and Phone apps with no problems, even as I write, I´m listening to some tidal master files with no issues through my laptop app.

I continue to play tidal hifi through Roon with not a drop out for continuous days. Haven’t been able to play ONE TRACK of Tidal Masters without getting message and skipping through each track of every album.

for the second time in the last two days I have been able to playback files of any kind through roon¡¡ Happy again… playing even nice 24bit content (MQA?) everything frim Tidal… apparently ressetting the core seemed to have done the trick… Will keep updating in case the problem comes back… hopefully doing this may do the trick for the rest of users with the same problem.

Sorry I’m ignorant, but admittedly desperate. What does "resetting core " mean ??:kissing: