TIDAL: a network or connection error is interfering with TIDAL playback

If “resetting core” means : I close all apps, restart computer, open and run only Roon server, and then try to successfully play ONE TRACK of Tidal Masters (!) then, no, it did not help.

that’s what I did and no problems for now…I still have to see how long it works like this… you are running it on IOS or Windows?

I’ve noticed that when I allow Roon Radio to play, it will occasionally attempt to play a Tidal Masters track from one of the few Masters I’ve put in my library. Same problem occurs: the track will play for a minute or two and I get the error message. Roon skips the track and moves on to the next track which is always a tidal hifi and it plays fine. Once again, I can play Tidal Hifi uninterrupted for days, but still have not been able to listen to a one masters track entirely.

Loving the new update but when using DSP with all Tidal files (not MQA) they play for few seconds then stop and move on to next track. I’m in the UK too. This doesn’t happen if I use DSP on local files. Can anyone help with this?

I am still getting this with all MQA files, hoped that 1.3 might fix but not. Will wait for the mods to get back to me.

I had this issue last night after upgrading to 1.3.

After rebooting cable modem, Airport Extreme, microRendu, Roon Core iMac, and Roon Remote iPad – the TIDAL Masters have played just fine.

An update for this post, I’ve been having the same issue… updated to 1.3 and hoped this will resolve the issue… but apparently has gotten worse. Any ideas someone? has anyone had any response from roon support? or have solved this issue completely?

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I’m still having same problem. 1.3 changed nothing. Can play Tidal HiFi with no problem. Every Tidal Masters gets me the error message.

Please @support any ideas about how to get this annoying issue sorted out?, with the recent update, things have gotten worse, before, only some MQA albums showed this behavior, but now any album shows this problem, even 16bit, there is no possibility of playing them back through roon in my sistem. Before, I would restart the computer where core is, and this solved the issue for a few days, now, I have been resetting the core, over and over and the problem is getting worse. I must say this is the main reason why I got hooked on Roon, for its superb integration with Tidal and my libraries, but now none of that is happening, please help to solve this issue. I´m in Roon Hell¡¡¡¡ please help me go back to Roon bliss¡¡¡¡

I have the same problem, have you solved?

Negative¡¡¡ Apparently the recent update made things worse… :sweat:
And I have not found anywhere in any post that the issue has been solved… and the problem has been going on for weeks now… I´m starting to wonder if it will ever be solved…everything started since Tidal released the MQA (masters) on their apps. I´m guessing is a Tidal/Roon interface, and I want to think they are working on both ends on figuring out the way to solve it. In the meantime, pretty frustrated with Roon here.

Did you check this thread?

Same problem here… happens once in a while, but with 1.3 it’s more frequently :disappointed:

I think it is the way the Tidal app isn’t releasing its Exclusive use of audio. I think of it as Tidal’s grip on my DAC. Especially with playing Masters in Tidal - which is the only way to find them. when I play the tracks in Roon, they seem to attempt to play but soon skip to the next track.

It stops if I quit the Tidal app. I haven’t had to reset the Remote or the Core to get things working right.

For me, it occurs when hunting and verifying Masters in the Tidal app then attempting to play them right afterwards in Roon.

Remember, Tidal’s app updated at the same time the MQA Masters became available.

Not my experience at all. The tidal masters I attempt to play have been in my library for two weeks ! Can’t play a single track ! Once again, can stream tidal hifi w/o glitch for days uninterrupted!!

Does anyone think that this could be "network or connectivity " issue as the error says ? Am I supposed to assume that I can play Tidal HFi without interruptions for several consecutive days, but as soon as I play a 24/48 from TidL Mastrs , that my network is somehow inadequate ? Just looking for help !

It’s been three weeks and I see a lot of response to blue sound, but nothing for SoTM users, even though "Roon certified " RAAT ? (Whatever that means ). Supposedly means something :triumph:. Nothing except "send logs ,thanks ":rofl:

I thought the same was causing the problem… but the problem was intermittent… now even though the tidal app is closed no mqa is allowed on Roon… a few seconds and its gone every time I attempt to play any of those masters.

Arturo, the problem is ; no problem playing HiFi. The problem is; can’t play masters !! OK ? I don’t see this
as a general “problem with tidal”.