Tidal account error again and no log in only on ROON

When i try to listen to the John Coltrane “A love supreme” -Deluxe version TIDAL number 4012854-
i see it, can save it- BUT when i try to listen, only some tracks are play.

On the other tracks i get the “Tidal account error”.
That happened also a another album in the past what i posted, but still no solution yet.
I logged out on ROON and hoped when I log back in the problem maybe solved.

Now I have one more problem - I can’t log in…
BUT, that’s only in ROON, not on the standard TIDAL homepage where I can log in.

Also there I see all tracks, but only some can be played-(have the speaker symbol)

Please help

I try to login 3 times without difference.
At the 4th time login was possible, works now.

But the track issues are still there, even on the TIDAL homepage.
Can some body else plus try to play that tracks ?
On Cd1 number 1 and 2 are not playable.
On Cd2 number 5,6,8 and 9 are not playable.



@RobertW I just tried this - I was able to play all tracks on the Deluxe album - this includes both discs in the set.

Of course I didn’t play the entirety of each track but playback launched and played for every track.

Same for me.

What country are you in @RobertW? I assume you have a Tidal HiFi account?

Thanks for the test blexico :-))
I just try it again, no success.
Mike iam from Austria in europe no kangaroos ;-)- and have the test Hifi account.
If that is country thing i will feel discriminated…


Ok, I’m going to check with Tidal and see if we can get a sense of what’s happening here. I may need to PM you for a little more info so keep an eye out.

For now, throw another shrimp on the barbie and sit tight :wink:

Hello Mike,

even found more artists and tracks for example John Abercrombie with “class trip” ,“Getting there” “open land”.
Also got a new error message “not available”.
Can you support your customers like me with a IP address that works ?
Iam a customer who will pay(not right now as iam in the test phase) the same money for the artists and your and Tidal service.So the artists getting their money and so the world/state/country region restriction is not guilty anymore. So everything is correct and legal.
Why other people can hear music and i have no access ?
If there is no solution here, iam not interested in a service/company (TIDAL) where people have unequal rights .


Hi @RobertW – we’re still investigating this but I wanted to touch base and let you know we’ve talked with TIDAL and we’re looking into a solution.

Expect an update soon, and know that we’ll do whatever we can to make this right for you.

I absolutely agree with you, but unfortunately this is how all streaming services work. We want our members to have access to all the music in the world, but Roon and TIDAL (and Spotify, and Deezer, and Qobuz, and… ) have no choice but to respect the wishes of artists and rights holders.

If an artist has decided not to make their music available in certain territories, I’m sure you can understand that no service can go against their wishes – they own the rights to their music. I love the freedom of streaming services, but I also still purchase lots of music because I know that no service will ever be able to secure the rights to everything.

Thanks again for your patience @RobertW – I believe some of the tracks you’re having trouble with absolutely should be available, and we’re working to address the issue you’ve identified as quickly as we can.

Please let me know if you have any more questions, and I’m sure we can get this right for you soon.

I also noticed a “TIDAL: tidal_account_error” today, searched the forum and found this thread.
I tried playing the Coltrane record and was also unable to play the tracks @RobertW mentioned. Except that on CD1 track 4 is also unplayable for me.

I’m in Israel.

I then went to the Tidal desktop app and looked for this album, and in the app those tracks that I couldn’t play do not even show on the album tracklist, so it’s definitely not a Roon-Tidal integration problem.

Personally I’m going to write to the Tidal support as I’m a paying customer of theirs.

I have the opposite problem: tidal works on it’s own, but not within the ROON APP. Posted in the forum ROON Tidal integration inoperative. So far - no response. ROON not useful in this condition. Missing 275 albums and greater than 5000 tracks added to Tidal, but not populating on ROON.

I have the same problem and a VPN program. It seems to make no difference whether my ip address is in Denmark or the US! Some records produce the error others not…