Tidal account problem

Roon Core Machine

Asus ROG Dark Hero MB with AMD 5900x, 2 x Samsung 980 Pro 1TB, 2 x WD Black 4TB, EVGA 3080ti ftw3 ultra, Win 11

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Intel 1gb Ethernet CAT6 connection to Asus RT-AX300 to 200mbs+ Internet

Connected Audio Devices

USB → iFi Zen Signature DAC V2, s/pdif → Meridian component stack

Number of Tracks in Library

70k+ tracks

Description of Issue

Roon is reporting that my Tidal login is failing. However, when I reconnect my Tidal account it reports that the login succeeded. When I log into Tidal manually it succeeds. Unfortunately I cannot access any Tidal content because something is wrong with the Roon account connection. Also when I click “Edit” it only shows me my user ID but never allows me to reenter my password so I suspect that Roon has corrupted their login information for my Tidal account. How do I get this fixed?

Did you try Edit - Logout then log back in?

Yes, but I get the same sequence of events. It reattaches my account to Tidal which reports that the account was connected successfully then it goes back to Roon that reports the login failed.

If it goes to the Tidal web page, log in and minimize Tidal. Don’t close it. See if Roon will then sign in.

Same thing…

Hi Dean,

I would try, logging out of Tidal in Roon. Rebooting the Core. And then try logging in again.

If that doesn’t, then I’d try removing the Tidal cache following these directions:

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Thank you, that worked. I logged out of Tidal on Roon then decided to restart the entire computer to make sure the Roon core was completely rebooted then reconnected Tidal. At first I got the same message that Tidal was connected but then it returned to Roon and showed the “Not connected” message (but was probably there from before) and after about 10 seconds the Tidal library page opened.



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