TIDAL accounts from Mexico and Brazil aren't syncing with Roon [Solved]

I can’t play nothing from Tidal in Roon, all playlist, favorites, etc are empty all collections are empty, Tidal alone is good. Tidal account is logged in.

Same here!

I am not seeing similar failures here. What region are you in?

Mexico i just check in 2 macs

For the most part, when TIDAL suddenly breaks, it’s the result of TIDAL rolling out something on the server-side, or some sort of transient issue with their CDN (we haven’t pushed anything out in the past few days that could impact this).

@vova, lets get logs from @julcat . They will probably help us see what’s wrong here, and then we can either fix or report it to TIDAL.

Hello @@julcat , I’ve sent you a PM with the instructions how you can send us logs.

I have the same problem.

Hello @laurics, can you be more specific regarding your problem.

Thank you in advance.

I have a MacMini. I downloaded and installed Roon yesterday, but Tidal d’ont play in Roon, all playlists, favorites, collections are empty, Tidal alone or with Amarra for Tidal, works fine. Tidal account is logged in.

Sorry for such questions but I need to be sure that we are on the same page. Are you sure you’ve logged into TIDAL in Roon ( to check this: open Settings (In Roon) > go to Services tab > What status do you see there? )

Also what region are you in?


The status I see im my Roon is “Successfully signed in.”, I’m from Brazil.

Ok @laurics , I’ve sent you a PM with the instructions how you can send us logs.

OK! I sent the logs.

  • Roon Version 1.1
  • OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.5
  • MacMini 2,7 GHz, Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM

I,m having the same problem here, all Tidal content is unavailable.
I.m also from Brazil.

Welcome and take a seat, this problem is going nowhere since 3 days ago.

Hey guys, we’re aware of the issues accessing TIDAL via Roon from Mexico and Brazil. A rebuild of our cloud data is required to get things working, which is in progress. You can expect to see access from Mexico roll out in the next couple days and Brazil in about a week.

Thanks for your patience!

Thanks!!! :smile:

Roon+TIDAL is available in Mexico now. Brazil is coming very soon!

I’m having the same problem. May this be somehow related to the fact that Tidal has just started in Brazil or may be some other problem?
I tried on 3 different computers, all with the same result.

Hello @nerone, this is directly related to this fact. Brazil users will be fixed during next week.