TIDAL album imported correctly, but only showing first track [Answered]

Very strange issue, https://listen.tidal.com/album/71953936 is only showing the 1st track in the album browser.
When I play the album, the playlist correctly has all tracks.
Build 234, Roon Core on Windows.


I’ve just added that album into Roon and it looks ok in the album browser on my system (see below). This suggests that the problem is not with the Roon metadata more likely a local import issue. Could you try a couple of things for me:

  • Delete the Tidal album from Roon and then re-add it.

If that does not help, try:

  • Stopping and then restarting the Roon Core

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thank you. When I came back this morning, Roon now has the TIDAL album showing as 2. I’m just going to merge them and call it a day for now.

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