Tidal Albums being added to my Roon list without any action by me

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This has happed occasionally. When it happens many albums are added. It is always music I have no interest in. Is there a way to stop this? Is there a fast way to delete albums. Thanks.

It could be that someone has hacked your Tidal account, change the password.

They come in big batches. I had a batch come on June 16th. I wasn’t around. I’ll try changing my password. Is there any way to delete all albums on that were entered on a certain date ? Is there a way to delete multiple albums at once?

Sort albums by date added in albums screen, then multi select the albums then select delete.

I have similar occasionally and, some were caused when I downloaded (off-line enabled into ‘My Collection’ on Tidal App) them from Tidal Web (the majority) if I used the like ( :blue_heart:) symbol on Tidal mobile or indeed any platform. Might be worth logging into today account via web app and see if there are liked or favourites there. This week, two have been added (not by me) and if I look on phone Tidal app they are there as :blue_heart: enabled. Change that and they go away.

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Thanks guys…I’m on it.

Hello @vernon_pleasant, and thanks for your report! I second the suggestion to change your password and sort your albums by date added. Let us know if this continues once you change the password.

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