Tidal albums get lost

@support: I have a problem with Tidal.
From time to time some of the Tidal albums in my library are not longer in my library and I have to add em again. Play count is zero.
Today I found 3 albums from Inga Rumpf not longer in my library.

This is from an excel export one year ago:

Inga Rumpf The Power Of Gospel Main 13 1 1 2903 19980806 Gospel, Gospel Choir, Religious Large rovi:MW0002042163 no no Tidal
Inga Rumpf Easy In My Soul Main 15 1 1 4154 20050831 Large no no Tidal
Inga Rumpf Open Up Your Door ExtendedPlay 4 1 1 811 20111208 Large no no Tidal

Today I have to add all three albums again:

And my biggest concern is, I have got no message, no warning, nothing. And I lost all my Tags, playcount, … for these albums.
How many other albums from Tidal are not longer in my library?
As the overall count is more than 800 Tidal albums I can not tell.
Such an unrealiable behaviour is a big mess for anybody who wants a well sorted library.


I occasionally find this. Just recently reintroduce Tod Snider, East Nashville Skyline.

I agree that this is really frustrating - I’m assuming the same issue as Tidal - Disappearing Albums ?

Hello @AE67,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist you with this issue. Can you please confirm a few things for me:

  • Have the albums disappeared from the TIDAL’s App/Web Player as well or have they only disappeared from Roon? If the track disappeared from TIDAL’s side it could indicate that the availability of the track/album has changed (but it should still have been listed as “Unavailable” in Roon)
  • Did you recently performed a backup/restore? Is it possible that those files were not yet included in a local playlist containing TIDAL tracks when the backup was made?
  • Have you attempted to perform a force resync on TIDAL yet? You can force a resync in Roon Settings -> Services -> Edit button next to TIDAL -> Sync Library Now.

Identifying albums that have gone missing for a year will be tricky, but if you can reproduce this issue and send us Logs after the issue occurs, we can certainly take a look to see if there is anything going on in the background that could cause such behavior. If you are able to identify any other tracks/albums that exhibit this behavior, please let us know.


Don’t want to distract from the OP, but if this is the intended behaviour when an item is no longer available in Tidal, it doesn’t seem to be working correctly, for me at least. Such items are still listable in the Tidal app but can’t be clicked on, however, they completely vanish from Roon. I’ve had a few examples of this in the past fortnight.

If this did work, and unavailable albums could be the subject of a focus, that would be a real step forwards in overcoming the issue discussed in the linked thread.

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It happened again.
“Kitaro - Silk Road I” is not longer in my library

And yes, it is also not longer marked as favorite in the Tidal app.
And no, no backup/restore recently.
Unfortunatly I cannot say since then this album is missing.

The Roon Tidal combination is a real great thing, but if it is unpredictable in such a way it becomes a big annoyance. A library that loses albums from time to time is nothing you want to use.

If you want to test something, I have not yet readded the album.

Made some random checks and it is a real disaster. Many albums missing.
Why is 1 of 11 albums by Deep Purple suddenly missing?
I’m really pissed. Where is a lot of work in my library with setting tags, genres aso to every album and all of the work is gone now for a lot of albums.
Can you tell me what is the advantage of a trackbased playcount and user defined tags and everything else, if it’s gone half a year later for a certain percentage of your library?

Sorry for the harsh words, but I’m really angry. It feels like somebody is stomping through your flowerbed.

Here are a few examples of albums formerly in my lib:

So, I stepped through my library and found and readded ~40 vanished albums.
~40 of ~800!
And these are only the albums I detected. Don’t know how many more are missing (if no album is left of an artist, I can’t see the artist and so have no chance to detect if something’s missing).

As long as this behaviour exists, a serious library mangement is not possible with the Roon-Tidal combination!

At least a message should come up that an album will be removed. Preferably with a way to reassign all the personal edits to the new album instance.

I just re-added David Rawlings - Nashville Obsolete. I don’t believe I ever deleted it.

Just for clarity, this seems a different problem to mine and that discussed in the thread I linked to. My albums continue to vanish from Roon at will, which is deeply frustrating, but they remain as favourites in the Tidal - it’s just that clicking them raises an error. The easiest way to find these is that suggested by another poster - rolling the mouse cursor over each album via the Tidal web UI - those that don’t work won’t have a play symbol come up. Hope @support can address your problems, @AE67 .

Hello @AE67/@andybob/@dhusky

Thank you for your reports. I have submitted them to QA and we have started an investigation into this behavior.

Can you please let me know, if you play one of the missing tracks and it goes to completion (or you skip to the end of the track), does the play count change to reflect the correct number of overall track plays? As in if you have previously recall playing a track 10 times before the album has disappeared, does the number of plays suddently jump from 0 to 11? If you add the album back to your library and play it once again to completion or skip to the end, are there any jumps in the play count then or is it incrementing as expected?

Please let me know when possible so that I can add this data point to the investigation.


Played some of the readded albums. Playcount is 1 for all newly played tracks.

Incrementing from 0 to 1 for me.

Thanks for confirming that for me @AE67/@andybob,

I have added that your findings as a note for the investigation. I will be sure to let you know once QA has more questions/next steps here.


Same for me too, @noris, increments by 1 only.

Hello @AE67,

I wanted to update you and let you know that we have discussed this case today with our senior technical team.

Obviously we take these kinds of issues very seriously but after looking through the logs, we do not see any evidence of Roon deleting these tracks from your library. Based on what we’re seeing, it appears that Roon is performing as expected – it appears that after syncing your library to TIDAL, Roon is being told these tracks have been removed, and the sync completes.

It’s possible that something has changed on TIDAL’s end – the tracks could have been “un-favorited” due to an error on their end, or the album could have replaced and given a new ID – if the IDs for the album you previously added are no longer available that too would explain these symptoms.

For now, it’s not clear that something has gone wrong in Roon here, although we will of course continue to monitor what we’re hearing from other customers, keeping an eye out for similar reports. To be completely clear, there’s nothing in Roon that would automatically delete content or remove favorites from your library, and we don’t see anything in your logs to indicate that there’s a bug or any other issue here that might cause these symptoms. Unfortunately, when content is removed from TIDAL (whether due the demands of copyright holders or other reasons) we need to follow suit in Roon.

I hope that this explanation is clear enough as this is most likely the behavior you are seeing here. If you have any questions or comments for the above theory just let me know.


Thanks Norris,

I suspect that Tidal changing Album versions, and consequently Track IDs, may be at the bottom of this.

Is there anything we can do as users that might assist you guys to track that down ?

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Thank god I’ve just found this topic because I thought I was going mad. I had long suspected that the odd Tidal album was being removed from my library long after I have added it, but then I put it down to my addled brain playing the album but forgetting to “Add to Library”.

However, I am now 100% certain Tidal albums I added to the library are being arbitrarily removed.

The other week I added the new Low - Double Negative album to my library and had subsequently played it 3 times.

This morning I went to play it again and the album has dropped from my library, gone back in to the Tidal pool of Low albums that I haven’t added and reset the play count to zero.


Are these albums that vanished non-MQA albums that have recently become available as MQA?

I have noticed that where I can remember there being a CD and MQA versions of some albums, now I only see the MQA version.

I’ve done some more digging around in my History this morning. Lo and behold:

But then weirdly, this is the play from the album’s release date:

What is strange about this one is that multiple versions of the album (e.g. MQA etc) don’t exist on Tidal.

I also noticed another album that’s been ninja-removed from my library. Notice that this one had favourited tracks, so bye-bye curation, I suppose?

I have to say, this behaviour is really troubling and Roon should seriously think about leaving placeholders for albums that may have changed ID in Tidal for whatever reason.

If you click on versions, you can still get a Redbook version of albums that Tidal has released in MQA.