Tidal - Disappearing Albums

Not a Roon issue, has anyone else noticed that albums are disappearing from Tidal. I found 2 today in my favourites that are no longer available, Macy Gray “Stripped” and Zero7 “Simple Things”

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Yes. I found 61 out of approx. 700 of my UK TIDAL favourites have silently had their playback rights removed. It was painfully slow going through them all in TIDAL’s app to find them (no hover-over play button) and replace them.

Intriguingly and annoyingly, I was able to replace the vast majority of removed albums with like-for-like equivalents, which suggests that TIDAL has been doing some housekeeping which involves deprecating certain IDs and replacing them with new ones.

That may explain why my Alison Moorer album disappeared a couple of times. (Note I said ‘My’ even though I don’t own it).

This also happened a lot on Deezer. When I asked them why they replied it is indeed cleaning up file id’s/country rights. The album can be found back via search, but unfortunatly you’ll have to do it manually. Pretty annoying indeed. Sometimes albums dissapear for a longer period because of this and sometimes the albums are simply withdrawn by the artist, to bad there is no way of knowing for us.

I believe the licensing with the record companies is not in perpetuity.

Can you explain what you did… how did you find out that the 61 were revoked in the first place? Or you just went into All Albums on TIDAL and hovered the mouse over each?

Yes, unfortunately.

The 2 albums I know of that have gone from my collection aren’t available at all anymore and there are quite a few tracks that have disappeared from my playlists. When I add an album from Tidal, if I don’t listen to it very often I remove it so the ones I keep I really do enjoy. If albums are just going to start disappearing then I cant see the point of carrying on using a streaming service I may as well cancel and spend more on Bandcamp, I’m going to have to buy the CD for those 2 missing albums as it is.

Just noticed that a number of jazz albums on the ACT label have disappeared from Tidal and have vanished from my library. The ironic thing is some of them are still streaming as part of the basic Amazon Prime subscription. They’re all on Spotify of course.

Annoying to say the least…


Wow, this is really irritating! I just looked through my albums and found a whole bunch of stuff that’s missing, like Pink Floyd, Bowie, etc. What a stupid thing to do to just mark them unplayable! What do they expect me to do, constantly comb through my library and manually replace things? This is making me wonder if I should just stop paying for Tidal and buy music instead…

Just found another 7 gone, two of which aren’t replaceable. :frowning:

Since Roon presumably ‘knows’ what we’ve added and whether or not it can access it via Tidal, could it at least surface these albums and maybe even help us to find matches? Should this be a feature request? It feels like a solution to a problem which just shouldn’t exist - may be streaming isn’t really quite the solution it first appeared to be (to me, at least) :frowning: mind you, if it pushes me to buy those albums I guess at least that’s good for the artists!


Is there anyway to find the deleted albums in the Room database. At the moment I’m downloading the Roon tidal database and checking against a previously downloaded database to find the album that has been removed from Tidal. Quite time consuming with 1800 Tidal albums in Roon’s database

I have periodically exported my Tidal list to Excel.
I’ll look into an automated method of comparing the spreadsheets (automated is essential, not just because of the number of albums but I would have to compare every month).

Better yet, if somebody has already done that, please share.
My Excel skills were sharper in the previous century.

EDIT There is a Compare Spreadsheets function but it is in the Professional version of Excel only, and since I retired I no longer have that. I found a cumbersome way of doing it: I loaded two spreadsheets from different versions into one table after having added a snapshot-date column to them, then I sorted by artist and title, then I did conditional formatting so that duplicate entries are green and unique ones are red, then I did conditional formatting so that the date column is red for the earlier date, then I sorted the table on the date column, then I scanned down to find all-red rows. Worked, but quite cumbersome to do, especially since I have to compare every snapshot I have taken.

a) It is a serious problem, i found important albums having disappeared, i’m glad it was brought to my attention in this thread.
b) Does anybody have a smarter way to do it?
c) @Danny, this really needs to be a built-in report in Roon


An option in ‘Focus’ could show this…Feature request. They way I find out albums have been removed is when I go to library maintenance, clean up. It knows what’s gone.


I would definitely recommend something like matlab (if you have a license), julia or python to easily analyse your spreadsheets.
But this feature should really be available built-in in roon.

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I just suffer from similar problem, where I’ve add this album to library on 16-Jul, then it shows “unavailable” on 17-Jul when I try to play, it also disappeared from Tidal app so I guess there is housekeeping in progress. So I deleted this Tidal album from Roon library. Today 18-Jul I can search the album in Tidal, and it shows the date added is today 18-Jul, and can playback from Tidal apps.

Then I try to search this in Roon, by both album name “my voice & I”, the album is not show in result list. or by artist name “Alison Lau”, I can find her as Tidal Artist, and under her there is other album, but not this one.

Is it a Tidal problem, or does it related to I’ve deleted the same album from library before ?

Just try Roon DB restore to early date, and disable / logout Tidal service and re-enable again and no help.

For me, in the US, Tidal is showing that album as having a release date of 7-18-2018. If that is the case, then Roon will be up to 24 - 48 hours behind.

Yes I see the same release date here. So I guess this is a replacement of 16 Jul release. But the problem here is I can’t search this 18 Jul release within Roon now, so can’t listen to it within Roon, nor I can add to library.

Can someone say what happens both in Roon and Tidal?

I went to the oldest part of my collection and see a number of albums that no longer have a Play icon in Tidal app (like Grateful Dead, multiple albums or Ziggy Stardust from Bowie). It seems like other versions (or ID’s?) of the same album exist.

So should I un-favorite in Tidal the one that is missing and then favorite again the different version? What will Roon do with this, will it reconnect it as the same album and retain history of plays etc?

People are saying they are missing from Roon (I am not at home and did not check these) – so they stay in Tidal as unplayable but are removed from Roon, is that right?

Bid downside of streaming for sure.