Tidal albums syncing w/Roon library

Nucleus core / Roon V1.8 /Build 756

Hello friends,
New Rooner here and I couldn’t be more pleased to have taken my love of music’s interface to the next level. For the record I searched around for this before posting a new thread; a handful of half-answers were found but nothing succinct.

Simply put, new albums saved whilst using Tidal (usually in the car or at the office) are not populating in Roon once arriving home (roon sidebar\my library\albums). Albums added a few days ago do seem to be there. Is this some kind of Roon-Tidal reconciling sync issue? It’s become a habit to just search for the album in Roon search and tap the plus button to add it to my Roon album library but clearly this is not a long term solution.

A second quirk, on an artist’s main “Overview” page, after scrolling down a bit to the albums section, higher fidelity versions of albums are immediately visible that are not visible by default on the “Discography” screen (without tapping “versions”). Very confusing and frustrating as I’d like the highest fidelity version to be visible by default when navigating to a band’s “album” section, tapping an album and navigating to “info” - it would save so much time if Roon brought up the highest fidelity album available as a default before going into “versions” unless there is some different logic for how the first / default version of any given album is shown when on a band’s “album” section.

I wouldn’t do that. The solution is to go to Menu/Services go under tidal and click the blue sync library now link.

Overview is to display your library. If you want to see all the version, Menu/General Set Show Hidden tracks and albums to YES. Then all your versions should appear in Overview.

Discography represents the releases of an artist’s career, not your library. On this screen, Roon will display a single version of the albums released by an artist. I do not know how this version of the release is chosen.

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Testing your suggestion has not yielded any results; after adding an album to my Tidal collection (iOS app), opening the Roon app, navigating to settings\services\Tidal and tapping “Sync library now,” the previously mentioned album added to my Tidal collection still does not appear in my roon library\albums.

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