Tidal: Altamira Mark Knopfler, Evelyn Glennie - Missing

Available in Tidal, but can’t find via Roon:
Album: Altamira
Artists: Mark Knopfler, Evelyn Glennie

Strange – second row, far right:

I only entered ‘Altamira’ in search and clicked Tidal albums > View all.

Yeah, :blush: ’ view all’ on the album would have been useful.

Now try and find it via Mark or Evelyn…

Search for “Mark Knopfler Evelyn Glennie” brings it up as the first hit for me (UK TIDAL account).

Works for me as well. And from the album I can go back via the artist name at the top to the seperate artists.
I just can’t seem to get from either artist to the album. I guess I have to adjust my search thinking.