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I am using a Merging NADAC streamer as my Roon core. I have upgraded and everything sounds great. Please note, I am a music lover, but not very technical.

In the old (pre-yesterday’s upgrade) version of Roon if I searched for an artist I would be able to see albums I have in my own library and albums available on Tidal seamlessly. I believe there was a toggle switch which asked if I should only include my own library in a search or not. With the upgrade, I am only seeing albums in my library. If I want to see albums by the same artists which are not in my library but on Tidal I need to go into Tidal, find them and add them (note, I am logged into Tidal via Roon).

I have to say one of the best features of Roon is/was that I could an seamlessly move between albums streamed over Tidal and those on my own hard drive. Is this still possible?

Thanks and sorry if this is a lame question!

Terence Mark (lifetime member!)

As someone with both Tidal and Qobuz accounts, the ability to integrate these streaming services with my local library has been one of my favorite features of Roon. Have you checked Settings > Services to see if you are still logged in to your streaming accounts? I didn’t get logged off when I upgraded to 1.8, but who knows, worth a look if you haven’t. Good luck!

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your feedback. I am am signed into Tidal via Roon (checked under “services”). But they are not integrating. I am hoping I just need to change a setting to get this resolved!


Tidal had a world wide (for the most part) outage yesterday and this broke a lot of roon tidal logins so I would perhaps logout and in again from services

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I’ll give it a try, thanks.

Still no luck, unfortunately. I am hoping someone from Roon responds with a definitive answer!


The issue seems to have resolved itself. Thanks for all the suggestions.


Roon still “not configured” for tidal after log in from services page, even after safari says already logged in and redirected back to Roon. Can anyone help? Thanks

This is using iPad with iOS 14.4.
After login to tidal with iPhone, iPad tidal with Roon was automatically updated. A little frustrated and confused after 1.8 update.

Also have to restart Nucleus to connect to Roon for each listening session using 1.8, Nucleus is left switched on. No such issue with 1.7

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