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I have been given a 90 day tidal voucher and wondered if I cancel my current subscription with tidal and restart and get a few months free will Roon recognise my albums and all my lists etc when I associate my new tidal.account with Roon ? I think for 3 months with worth using.

Basically I want to carry in where I left off… Thanks

If you use a different account you will lose all of your roon tidal library settings as you are entering a new user ID.

Thanks Ged. So how does the profile thing work ? Does that not save everything under the profile? Thanks

There is only ONE Tidal login, no matter how many roon profiles. If your Tidal login is Bob then all Tidal settings are associated with that login.
Change it to Charlie and Bob is gone.
What I don’t know is if you came back later and signed in as Bob again if roon will pick Bob Tidal up again. I’d wait for proper support on that one !!
Having said that I’ve noticed you haven’t posted in a category so this post is in no man’s land. Do you want me to move it to the support category?

Yep. That was my next question ! :+1:. I’ll speak to support. Thanks

See amendment to my post above with question.

Yes please. Thanks. Still learning this community stuff

Hi @Adam_Hextall,

The way that TIDAL integration works in Roon is that you favorited content in TIDAL (albums, tracks, playlists) will sync to Roon. If you moved to a different TIDAL account you would not have those same favorites so they would not sync to Roon.

Cheers Dylan

I had thought that the case but might be worth the trial. Thanks.

If you then reinstated the original user id in tidal would the original favourites etc come back?

Very good point Ged

Good question, @ged_hickman1! Yes, they would come back as long as all of the favorites are still associated with that TIDAL account. Whatever TIDAL account you link to Roon the favorites from that account will sync over to your Roon library.

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Thanks Dylan.

Cheers Dylan. Useful to know.

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