Tidal Artist albums limited in Roon

When searching for albums by “Van Morrison” 71 albums show up when using Tidal, when searching using Roon only 33 are available. Why is this?

Hi Jim, please can you try the following?

  • Search for “Van Morrison”

In the search results:

  • Click on “TIDAL Artists”
  • Click on “Van Morrison”
  • Scroll down to the “<TIDAL logo> Main Albums” section - all the TIDAL albums not already added to your library should be there, but note that some duplicates will be hidden behind the “Versions” tab in the album details screen.

What’s going on here is a difference between (a) a general search and (b) viewing the albums of the specific artist (which the search identifies). Search is an area of on-going research for us; it will evolve and improve based on feedback such as this. Thanks!

Please let us know if this works for you.

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