Tidal Artist Shuffle - not available

I believe this first began with 1.5. When I search for an artist on Tidal, and select the artist hit, not an album or single, there is a ‘Shuffle’ button at the title/lead page that used to work. Now, it is slightly greyed out and is no longer clickable.

Is this a new feature or bug or did Tidal change things?

Hey @Larry_Post — Thanks for the report! Your feedback is always appreciated.

I took a look at our internal tracker and found that this is something that we have on our radar. There is currently a limitation in place that prevents using the Shuffle feature on unidentified artists. If you go to an artist that we have identified you should see the Shuffle feature available and working.

While I do not have any exact timeframes for when this will be addressed, this is a limitation that we are hoping to remove soon.


Awesome, thank you!

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