Tidal: can't access My Daily Discovery

I’m a fairly new Roon user; I use a new Roon Nucleus controlled with an iPad.
I’m very discouraged with Roon overall. My biggest disappointment is that with Roon, I cannot find the Tidal playlist called My Daily Discovery. I can get to my other playlists and mixes using Tidal within Roon, but the most important to me is My Daily Discovery. It simply is not there. I’ve corresponded with Roon customer service/tech support ( 48585290). We had quite a discussion, but ultimately did not find a solution.

Also most of the suggestions Roon makes for me via Daily Mixes are not a good match. I’ve been questioning my decision to buy the Nucleus or subscribe to Roon. Honestly, I was finding more music I like with Tidal.

hi, yes being able to access the tracks (favorites) and playlists like i was used too would be great and would make the decision waether i keep using roon very easy…

After the My mix implementation this shouls be the next step.

Just voted up! +1

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Totally agree. It’s the only reason I go back to the tidal app now I have Roon.

I have a slightly clunky work around-but it does work, I’m listening to my daily discovery mix on Roon now :slight_smile: basically you need to turn it into a playlist. This is how I did it on my iPhone.

  1. add the daily list to your collection on Tidal app (heart button below name of mix)
    2)go to ‘My Collection’ (heart icon bottom right)
    3)go to mixes and radio (top option)
    4)tap the three dots next to my daily discovery and ‘add to playlist’
    5)press the ‘+’ to create a new playlist and give it a name.

It will then appear in your Roon playlists section. If it’s not there straight away you just need to sync your library
In Roon Remote go to settings-services-Tidal and press the ‘sync library now’ blue link-below ‘last library sync’

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thx, works :slightly_smiling_face:

@roon: Please fix add anyway :slight_smile:

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+1 - hard to understand why these features are missing when so many other apps that integrate with Tidal have them.

all this is in the feature request for roon please vote for it