Tidal changes streaming output [Resolved]

System: Asus mini Pc connected to Primare DAC 30 ( no MQA ) with USB. The mini Pc also connects to TV with HDMI. TV connected to Primare DAC 30 with optical cable.
I’ve been looking for MQA “masters” in the Tidal desktop app with Roon on at the same time but not playing. The problem I’m having is in Tidal. In settings-streaming I mark Hifi/Masters and then under I select Speakers(Primare DAC 30). I select Exclusive mode, set volume but not MQA pass through.
The first couple of days I had sound through the USB cable, but yesterday I didn’t. Since I have the pc also connected to the TV and then along to the DAC with optical I still got sound but through another input on the DAC.
The streaming setting has also jumped back the generic System output. After several times resetting the setting back to Speakers ( Primare DAC 30) I got sound. But today there’s no way I’m able to get sound through the USB. Why?

Hi @bigj ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here.

Can you verify for me, if you power cycle all of the equipment and just leave the USB connected to the Prime DAC 30 with the optical cable removed, does functionality return to the USB connection?


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Power cycle?

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turn everything off and then back on.


Ok. I’ll try tomorrow.

That worked. Thanks!

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