Tidal Connect announced today

I imagine it needs a firmware update to be able to accept it, it’s the case for Naim. It won’t work without the new code inside the streamer.

Your Cambridge might need a firmware update. I got a firmware update yesterday.

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Yes mine looks different, I see just iPad and Airplay

It maybe my location , South Africa, we are always last !

Patience, CA are usually a bit slow as well

Thanks again

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Ok, trying it now. No Tidal Connect in mobile app with desktop app running. Freshly downloaded latest versions of Windows and Android apps. I’m in the US. Hope they add this.

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Thanks, I guess I wait …

Send an email to support@tidal.com to request it. I have.

The more people that ask the better (maybe).

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Response from Tidal support re. controlling desktop app from phone/tablet app:

“At the moment, you can’t control your desktop, but this feature is coming soon!”

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Very nice!

Except I’m peeved you got a response before me ! :smile:

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My first email came back “ticket closed.” My second attempt was through their website form:

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Tried t; liked it. Still prefer Roon

It is not for the same use. But it is very practical and very good.

Hi @spockfish,
Will Ropieee Xl include Tidal Connect?

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No, I don’t like the Tidal app. Problem is in the classical music. Tidal has the best performances in their library, sadly those ones are difficult to find, to be precisely: they are almost hidden. You have to type the piece, and the orchestra and its there. But only the work and it gives a few albums from the level you find in the budget market for not even 10 euros. But what the real classical musical listener is looking for: the best performances, performed by the best orchestras, with only top players, and a top leader. Those works are on Tidal: definitely, but very difficult to find…

Type for instance Beethoven 5th Symphony and Tidal gives a few albums, but not from the big orchestras in the world, from for instance: Berlin or Vienna,

Qobuz does list these masterpieces instantly and you can choose between the best works ever made.

No, not as it is right now. Tidal Connect is not an open source implementation which is freely available, it’s only accessible for commercial partners.

I expect that, in the end, the same will happen as with Spotify and Airplay: there will be (reverse engineered) open source implementations. At that point it might be interesting to have a look.

And that’s why considerate people ought to stay away from it ?
But who forbids the rich… :wink:

Thank you for the info

Sounds like another socialistic rant. What is wrong with a legitimate business making a fair profit?

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Does not seem to work with Chord mojo/poly. I would love to see a dedicated Roon app for Chord products, something like “Roon for Chord.” I would pay good money for that. Mojo/poly is a great product but we are left having to use half-functional third party iOS and Android apps.

Not sure what you mean but the Poly does have built-in Roon support. With that, you can also stream Tidal to it, assuming you have a subscription. There is no need for Tidal Connect if you already have Roon. Tidal Connect is more limited in terms of device support and less functional than Roon.