Tidal Connect announced today

Tidal announces Tidal Connect casting protocol. Lists a bunch of devices from prominent manufacturers that already have it implemented.

How did that happen so fast? Is it DLNA in disguise?

I like and use Qobuz, but Tidal is pulling away.

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I just tried it. The only thing it found on my network was Airplay and Chromecast devices. I have a bunch of DLNA devices and it didn’t find any of them.

Thanks. I guess that answers that. They seem to suggest it can cast to their desktop app. I may try that tomorrow. On the other hand, they could be suggesting the desktop app can cast to one of the other devices they list? Not a lot of info on their website.

You must have gear by their ‘launch partners’. See the announcement:

See more info here:

I had to update my Bluesound Node2 to use this. Then it worked great.

I have one of Naims latest systems and all it shows is Chromecast which still only supports hifi not MQA as they state. So either there is an app update to come to release this or hardware needs new firmware to have it.

Nice to see TIDAL is still around and adding great new features the last 12+ months.

I really like their app these days.

I was hoping I’d be able to control their desktop app from their iOS app (like Spotify Connect works) but it’s not working like that for me at the moment.

The integration with hardware partners is really great though. Will grab a pair of the new KEF LS50W II when they’re out in my area

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Unfortunately, no technical details about what they are doing. On the one hand, it could just be “we support streaming MQA over Google Cast/Airplay to devices with updated firmware”. But they also show pairing a device in their one hype page, which would indicate a proprietary control protocol akin to how Spotify Connect does it. That means it will be a while before the big CE vendors integrate it (if ever – they may be happy to just support Spotify because they see it as a “need” in order to sell product, whereas Tidal is more a case of Tidal needing the CE vendors instead of them needing Tidal).

Tidal Connect isn’t a Chromecast/AirPlay thing as far as I’m aware.

It’s not Airplay. I can already Airplay Tidal to my Bose, Apple TV 4K, and RPi4.

“While Spotify Connect offers similar technology, its streaming is limited to 320k bit/s. TIDAL HiFi members enjoy 4.4 times the resolution at 1411k bit/s or 44.1kHz / 16 bit and TIDAL Premium members can stream at 96 kHz / 24 bit. In simple terms, the higher the bits, the better the sound.”

Naim have announced connect functionality will arrive via firmware next year. So looks like this will be a while to roll out whilst everyone looks to implement it. Be good to get an easy way to get my mix into my main system due to Roon not supporting it.

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That just means you can send mqa over it that will decode to those. Although I have found very little that goes up to 384/24.

Is it going to be supported by roon?

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Thanks for that info. Ability to control the desktop app was my only interest, so guess I’ll not spend any time trying it and will instead wait and see.

Give it a try.

I might not have the latest app versions yet (different geographies may have different release dates).

I think you may be right , I just updated iOS and desktop there is no sign

What are we looking for ?

I assume when you click the devices icon we should see a new section in addition to iPad and AirplayBluetooth

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Like Spotify Connect. As mentioned:

Good news no more need for bluos (terrible software) and certainly less Roon for current listening.

I can confirm this is working great on my LS50W including MQA. I am in the UK.


Can you screen shot the Tidal app so we can see what we should be looking for, I have a Cambridge Audio CXN which I assume should show but isn’t

Its for hardware vendors devices for direct use from Tidal app like spotify connect is. Its of no use to Roon.