Tidal content won't play via Roon after Server pause or sleep/wake cycle

I’ve been experiencing a problem lately that Roon will not present any Tidal content if my server has been active for a while (usually overnight or sometimes after a rarely used sleep/wake cycle). In all cases, a restart of Roon (server reboot not required) will resolve the problem. Tidal content is still usable directly through a Tidal app, so it’s not Tidal service related. Also when this problem manifests, all of my local (i.e. iTunes Aiff files on Server USB drive) play just fine via Roon. Note that I usually screenblank my MacBook Air screen at night but do not put it to sleep. I do use an external HDMI display and do turn that off, but no sleep mode usually.

Some details: Server: MacBook Air 2013 (core i7, 8GB RAM) with latest v10.12.1 OSX and all updates. I have various Roon endpoints, but the specific Roon endpoint doesn’t matter. Same problem. iPhone 7 256GB with iOS 10.1 and iPad mini 4 256GB with iOS 10.1. All devices have lots of free resources and space available. 802.11 ac AirPort Extreme router - no bandwidth issues.

I control my Roon use largely via iPad and iPhone, and this is annoying in that I have to go into another room and restart Roon when the problem occurs.

When I try to play a Tidal album or track via Roon in this problem mode, I can click the play button on the iOS app, but nothing happens, and I see the blue zone in the timeline on the track rapidly scrolling back and forth left to right but no track playback occurs and the track time does not advance at at all. Usually I see the album art and info just fine but occasionally this entire portion of the Roon iOS app is blacked out.

One potential feature I’d like to request: have the iOS app be able to restart the Roon app remotely.

Thanks! I’d appreciate any help or insight you can provide!

Hi @Bob_Welsh ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for slow response here. I’d like to grab some logs from you and will be contacting you via PM momentarily with instructions.