TIDAL Cuts Out after 35 seconds

On five consecutive tracks of Beth Orton’s Sugaring Season, a TIDAL MQA album in my library, the sound cuts off after about 35-45 seconds. No apparent trouble with internet, processing speed fine (27X).

On the plus side, I played a TIDAL playlist for 30+ minutes without incident just before this.

Here’s the signal path:

Follow-on: problem extends to other TIDAL imported albums, non-MQA also. Processing 97X for non-MQA, no other internet activity. Problem continues from about 6am to 9:30am CDT on 9/15.

Follow-on 2: It’s TIDAL. Playing with TIDAL app produces skips. Playing through Roon same track skips. OAO


In Memphis TN listening to first track ( Magpie ) now, over 3 minutes into it.

Using Pi running Ropieee with Digi+ Pro Hat connected via coax to a Sony STR-DN1080.

Track 3 just finished and I’m now over a minute into track 4.

Not sure this helps you but it seems to be working fine here.

I use Comcast Internet but I don’t use their DNS.


Hello @John_V,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to take a look over this issue with you. I have tried to play the mentioned album and can confirm tracks 1-13 have played without issue for me for the MQA version. Have you by any chance attempted rebooting your Core, Networking Equipment and DAC to see if that resolves the issue? If the issue still remains after a reboot, can you please list the track(s) that are still experiencing difficulties and which country you are located in?