Tidal Dead links & Missing albums

I only open the tidal app from time to time opened tonight and i have 100s & 100s of dead links and missing album anybody know whats going on, Some albums if i look for then are still in tidal and some are gone but there is 100s i know its not a roon problem but if some one can put some light on this…
Is this the start of the end os tidal so many albums missing…

My TIDAL collection looks fine. Do the “missing” albums show up and play in Roon? Are you using the latest TIDAL app?

In short some do and some don’t i would have to re add its a mess, Waiting to hear from Tidal i can only assume some thing big has gone down at tidal…

A little dramatic … reads like a POTUS tweet. :slight_smile:

Does someone else have access to your account? If not maybe change your password.

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Marko, this is a common problem.
Tidal often removes albums, see this threat

Not a chance lol

i do understand that been streaming for years but this is 100s of albums over night as you can see from pic all these albums are available in tidal for some reason there are 100s of albums unlinked to tidal and in turn not in roon. Still waiting on tidal to get back but knowing them they wont be much help…

Twenty-one Nils Frahm albums available on TIDAL (UK) including all those in your image. Can you see different releases of the same albums?

21 here in IRL as well the above pic all albums were in my tidal albums but for some reason there missing along with the rest… i can only conclude there is some form of corrupt file with in the account…

I’ve seen this before, but not so wide-ranging, where some of my albums “disappeared” but were still available on TIDAL. It would seem that the album code has changed.

If you right click on All Melody do you see Share > Copy Album Link? If so, what’s the ID? I get https://tidal.com/browse/album/103386847.

Cheers Martin the link showing for that album is https://tidal.com/browse/album/94348858.could it be a driffent link because im in IRL
So take there is nothing i can do but accept i have to add manually then unless tidal get back to me and they can do something.
Cheers again