TIDAL: Depeche Mode - Ghosts Again missing from Roon

Morning @metadata_support
I’m unable to add “Depeche Mode - Ghosts Again” to my library. Also TIDAL playlists that feature this song are not complete, this specific song is ignored/skipped.


Hello, I’m also waiting for the update as I’m very excited listening to their new single. I’m quite a new Roon user so I’m experiencing this for the first time and I’m curious how long will it take for Roon to update the artist’s discography? Is it always the same - like you need to wait few days or it depends and sometimes it takes less time for having new releases?

By the way @Dennis_Mutsaers how you feel about DM’s new song? I’m really happy to hear some fresh and well balanced song from them, as I’m a quite young fan of DM. The whole song just kicks very well imho!


Hi @Dawid_Sledz
This is the 1st time I see something that isn’t available the same time as it is on TIDAL.

It’s a good DM song at last, thankfully. I quite like it. I wasn’t really fond of the last albums they’ve released the last years. Now I’m more confident that the new album will be great! :wink:

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It usually takes a couple of days for released singles to appear in Roon. I’ve noticed this with Qobuz on Roon too.

It’s on Roon! :grinning:

You’re lucky. Still does not show for me.

Brilliant single! Let’s hope the album is just as good.

Never mind, found it :slight_smile: If anyone’s looking, you can find it under the Tidal tab in Roon and then new tracks.

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