Tidal does not sync


Tidal does not sync. I created and edited playlists on my Tidal account they do not appear on my Roon. It has been 3 days and Roon keeps saying “Syncing library now”. I am on the following:

Macbook Pro (late 2013) - MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
Tidal HiFi subscription
Music stored on Mac SSD - its only c. 200gb.

I see my playlists from last week but since then it does not update. I have restarted Roon, logged out of Tidal like 5 times and still no update. Past sever days Roon just says “Syncing library now” in the Tidal login section.

Hi, @longtail007 , thanks for the report! May I kindly ask you too follow the procedure described here and send us logs, please, so we can take a look. You can share them using dropbox or gdrive and then send me a link to this archive via PrivateMessage. If do not use those services we can find a workaround for you.




I am new to Roon
How this sync issue was resolved, I have same issue
Tidal on iPhone iPad and Roon do not sync also some playlist appears empty on Roon
Thank you