Tidal dropouts on almost every song

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

IMAC (Retina K5- 27 Inch, late 2015)
Processor > 3.2 Ghz Quad-Core Intel i5
Memory > 8GB 1867 Mhz DDR3
Startup Disc Macintosh HD
Grahpics > AMD Radeon R9 M380 2 GB

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

RCN internet provider with EERO Pro mesh unit. This is connected with ethernet cord to Lumin T2

IMAC is using WIFI

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Lumin T2 > Hardwired to EEROS PRO > XLR> Mcintosh MA6600

Description Of Issue

I’ve had Roon for a few years now and would occasionally get drop out with MQA tracks, but now I’m not only getting that on almost ever MQA song, it’s happening on normal files in Tidal.

And this isn’t just a drop out, it stops playing song and goes to the next “Tidal Media is loading slowly, etc”

My last setup I was using a Metrum Ambre with Metrum Onyx and didn’t have that many issues at all. This has happened since I hooked up the Lumin T2 yesterday and I can’t use Roon without a drop out every song.

Spotify connect works fine, Airplay is fine, and I can stream from Lumins amp fine with no dropouts.

So- Looking to see what could help. I did change up DNS servers and while it did seem to help a bit last night, it was back to dropping almost every song today. I am not using DSP either but do have MQA enabled. I even disabled MQA decoder and set it it NO MQA SUPPORT and the dropouts continued.


anyone…Bueller… :wink:

There has been some issues with Tidal and Roon today. Everything have been working flawlessly for me. Try restarting Roon core; if not - log out and in again to Tidal from Roon.

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As stated in the other thread: If you have dropouts with Hi-Res music stored locally in your iMac, your WiFi is not good enough for your Roon purpose. You need to do this test, to find out whether it’s your WiFi or a Tidal issue.

You can get free 24/352 stereo music from here for testing:

That’s not helping the issue. I’m talking about tidal not local files and why can’t someone from Roon respond to this post and help me trouble shoot? I was told to post here to get help yet here we are. So either help me trouble shoot or stop telling me my WiFi sucks.

There have been issues with tidal and Roon. Can you be more vague?

Hello @jimmy_stabler, thanks for the information! Let’s rule some items out, could you please try playing audio directly through System Output while the core is connected via Ethernet and see if we have the same result? Let me know!

Clearly, it was a wifi issue as I did hook it up to the ethernet and no issues.

The main question is- what changed though? I never had this many drop outs, but once I hooked up the Lumin T2, It was happening all the time. I realize it’s not the Lumin T2, but it is the the only thing that changed in my system so it did beg a question.

I had to string 100 foot ethernet cable around my damn room to get it hooked up though- Not ideal and I’m not a new Roon user either.

I realize being hooked up to Ethernet is the most desired but it shouldn’t be required.

Help me trouble shoot with wifi as I shouldn’t need to be plugged in to use Roon.

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