Tidal favorite playlists in Roon

If I “favorite” a Tidal playlist (Tidal curated/provided, not one I made) using the Tidal app, do they show up in roon somewhere?

I favorited several Tidal holiday playlists. I synced my tidal service several times. I can’t find the playlists in roon. I looked under Tidal favorites, only see albums, artists and tracks. I look at playlists under my stuff, and do not see the favorited playlists. I do see playlists I made using the tidal app.

They should be in playlists and they should show up almost immediately.

Still not seeing them. I tried making my own playlist from the tidal playlist. Not seeing that one, either. I do see some I made a while back. Something’s not working.

Try rebooting everything.

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That fixed it. Thanks!

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