Tidal Favorites


I am a new Tidal user and a new Roon users. I had about 15 to 20 favorite albums in my Tidal favorites prior to installing Roon and adding Tidal as a service. Now there are well over 100+ albums in my Tidal favorites.

Is there a way to clean this, or role back to the 15 to 20 favorite albums i had stored on Tidal prior to add Roon?



I noticed my mail was not so clear… the 100+ increase to Tidal happened after I added the Tidal service to Roon. I did not added all the favorites.


Hi @cmonache,

During initial setup, you may have clicked the option to add some of our Tidal Collections to your library. We’re working on making this feature more clear, but if you’d like to remove the albums from your library, you can find more information here. Sorry for the confusion!