Tidal file info different from roon signal path info

when I play a file from tidal, roon signal path indicates authentic mqa 24bit 196 hz. as tidal source and same again when rendered. If I look at the same file using track info from menu next to the individual file, track info indicates flac 24 bit 48hz. Is something wrong ? I had thought both should be the same. I am using dragonfly cobalt. should it be set to render only or set to render and decode? What should I have tidal set as pass through mqa or decode mqa ?

A couple of screen shots would help. Signal path and file information.

You are describing a typical aspect of MQA. Actual file size vs. what the MQA information tells you. Read through the link and come back if you still have questions. The settings relate to your DAC capabilities so if the DAC is not MQA you set it as no MQA capability.

Hi @cary_vokes,

Can you share screenshots of Device Setup, an album where you’re seeing this, and the Signal Path when playing that album?

Hi Dylan; Maybe I’m just confused…anyhow here are the screenshots. I just don’t understand why Tidal file info indicates 24bit 48 hz and Roon Signal Path indicates MQA Studio 24 bit 196 hz.

Thank you so much for taking some of your time to reply. Much appreciated!

I think…
Tidal sends 24/48
Roon expands that to 24/96 as that is the maximum the DAC will handle as input.
The DAC expands internally to 24/192.

Hi @cary_vokes,

Things look okay based on the Signal Path you’re showing. What’s showing in the Signal Path is just detailing how the MQA is being processed by Roon and the DAC. You can read more about that in our KB:


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