TIDAL Hi-Rez/MQA 90% Off for 4 mos coupon thru 4/30/2020, New accounts only (apparently)

Hi all…

I am trialing TIDAL with Roon Essentials, and thought that many here would want to take advantage of a TIDAL/CNET offer of $1/mo for 4 months, that I found. It’s good for either their “Premium” or “Hi-Fi” tiers.

BTW, I am unaffiliated with TIDAL or CNET, And I am unsure if Roon would allow a link right here, so just google “tidal cnet coupon”, but hurry…


The promotion is not working for existing accounts.

Indeed it is not, unfortunately.

That’s odd, because the coupon itself says “new or existing accounts”…

New users only as always with these things.

Link (to make things simpler for anyone who wants to try it):

I’m an existing user and the UK version (£4 for 4 mo) worked for me. Just cancelled my subscription first, then reupped using the offer with the same account.

FYI on related;

I’m currently on a 5-months for $5 trial period with Tidal, which is due to end next month (May). While thinking about whether to continue once the trial period ends, I saw mention of a discount for military/veteran service.

All I had to do was log in to my account, and provide some basic information on my Vietnam war Army service / discharge, to drop my Tidal subscription rate 40%.

I was unaware of the discount until I saw it mentioned on a forum.

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Thank you for your service.


Even better yet, I just bought the Roon nucleus+ revision B and got a coupon for a year free worth of Tidal subscription :blush:

Tried that no such luck still says my email is already in use and won’t work. Perhaps I have to let it expire completely?

Ah. . . yeah that might be it - mine was completely expired when I reupped. Hopefully the offer will still be going when your sub term runs out. Good luck!

Apparently they offer a similar student discount too…