Tidal HIFI Plus with 360 Dolby Atmos

I just received an email from Tidal stating I was upgraded to HIFI Plus. This includes 360 Dolby Atmos. But when I check out Tidal in Roon, HIFI Plus isn’t on my Tidal account. Does Roon support Tidal’s HIFI Plus? Does Roon support Dolby Atmos? Thanks, GP

It’s possible Roon doesn’t see those account changes yet. You could try logging out of Tidal inside Roon, and log back in again - this might refresh things.

Thanks… but I did log out and in. No change

I think mods or somebody mentioned a few days ago that roon does not support atmos/360. Also, roon settings are tied to streaming quality, not plan. If you have hifi plus, set quality to masters.

Thanks. I’m set to masters. Can someone from Roon let us know if Dolby Atmos is supported by Roon. Thanks, GP

Here’s the feature request…