TIDAL impact on CORE hardware requirements

I have read the basics about the hardware requirements for running the ROON Core, particularly including this. It made sense.

A key point was that the size of the library determines (more or less) how much resources are needed. How much music do you have? Managing 20,000 albums is way more demanding than managing 2,000

My question is, does a collection with 20,000 albums from TIDAL need the same resources as the same number of albums that were ripped? I am thinking that it does because in both cases it is metadata that is being managed. Or perhaps TIDAL’s data is so tidy it is less impactful? Or there is some other factor impacting this about which I am clueless?


Whether or not an album is local media or TIDAL isn’t relevant; when Roon adds an album to your library it is creating a entry in the database along with Meta data, reviews, relationship etc.

So, to answer your question …

The answer, as you thought, is yes.

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Thanks for clearing that up. It makes a huge difference for me. I have only a couple of hundred CDs at most, but I also have five and a half feet of LPs and I will find and add many of them via TIDAL, and all of that will be overwhelmed by filling vast holes in my collection via TIDAL with music and performances new to me.


Hopefully not an issue for you but when you add a Tidal album in Roon it favorites it in Tidal and Tidal has a limit of 10,000 favorited albums. See this post from May of this year.


Thanks, that is good to know, not that I anticipate it being an issue. I used 20,000 in my example because that was a number in the quote I made.

You sure?
Albums from Tidal does not have spectrograms and as far as i know cannot have their tags customized. I would say Tidal albums have less an impact on Core performance and storage.

It’s not the spectrograms, it’s all the other stuff about albums (whether local or TIDAL) that are held in the Roon database with their cross-linkages…