Tidal integration / display issue with partial local albums

So if I have say 3 songs from an album in my main library for example from iTunes - when I do a search of that artist it shows the main album with the three songs purchased. However, under main albums with the Tidal symbol that shows all that artists albums that album with the 3 songs either does not show at all under Tidal main albums or shows with only three songs and not complete.

If I delete the album under main albums it will reappear as complete album under tidal main albums. Is this a setting issue or issue with software?

Not good because say I want to access an artists complete album and I previously purchased or downloaded a few songs from that album then the only way I can access the complete album is if I delete the 3 songs and then relaunch and it will then reappear as the complete album with the tidal icon along with the rest of that artists albums.

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As a workaround I think you could move the files out of your watched folder. Go back into Roon and add the tidal album to you library. Then when you move the Files back in you will have duplicate tracks.
Let me kno if this works.

The above workaround really doesn’t work well. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed, as I think this is a common scenario. I also see the following related issues:

  1. If you had “starred” a track in Tidal previously, when it is loaded in Roon as a track in the local library, the Artist’s Top Tracks section disappears for some reason.
  2. You can not “like” tracks from the Tidal view in Roon.
  3. If you “star” a Tidal album (in the Tidal app previously), when it is loaded in Roon as an album in the local library, the Top Tracks for the Artist only includes the tracks from the local album (not tracks from other albums in Tidal).

Ideally, the local Roon tracks/albums would be seamlessly merged with Tidal tracks/albums. If there are overlaps, I would think that Roon would keep track of versions with the ability to show the Roon version or the Tidal version. The other way to deal with all this is to separate the Roon local library from the Tidal library, but I don’t think that is nearly as seamless. Apple Music deals with this by having a tab for “My Music” and another tab for “Apple Music”, so you can quickly see your tracks and their tracks.

Agreed, @DougB.

There’s a lot more we want to do to integrate your local library and Tidal, but due to technical reasons, a number of these improvements need to happen at the same time. We’re working on it, and it will go a lot further than just fixing top tracks :smile:

Keep in mind that when browsing Tidal content you can click “Add To Library” on album details, or under the + when selecting tracks or multiple albums. This will set the content as a Favorite in your Tidal account, and will add it to your Roon library automatically.

Thanks for the feedback!

This isn’t really working for me. If I have a single track from an album in the local library, that appears to block the visibility of any album that I have added for in Tidal (whether added via Roon and added by selecting “Add To Library” or by making it a favorite in Tidal). The only way to make the Tidal version of the album appear is to delete the track from the local drive.

We’re working on a fix for this case.

Right now, we dedupe an album from your Tidal listings if it’s already in your library, but unfortunately this makes it impossible to get to the full album if you have a single track in your library (either stored locally, or as a favorite on Tidal.

For the moment, one workaround is to search for the album – you can still find the album in the Tidal search results even if it’s present in your library. This is not the long-term fix, but it should help for now.

Sorry for the trouble @rbienstock!