Tidal Integration: What's Still Broken in 1.8

Thanks for pointing this out. When I tested it a few days ago, it did not appear in the Roon library, even after hitting the resync arrow on the Tidal page in Roon. However, I tested it now and it did appear. I think it was just slow syncing. I have removed the second statement about the Roon Library. (The statement about albums not being added to the Roon favorites still applies. Let me know if you experience something different.)

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Yes BluOS can add tracks to Tidal playlists, which will be reflected in the Roon view of that playlist as soon as the library syncs. And BluOS works great for playing albums or playlists, as long as you start from the first track. It’s not so hot for music discovery, in my opinion, which is why I would love to be able to use Roon to discover new music and add it playlists I can listen to in the car or out on a walk.

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Thank you Andy. To be quite honest, I don’t really understand how the Bluos unit can be used to augment or vary some function on my Roon network. My only simplistic understanding (as explained to me by the people who set everything up) is that it functions as an endpoint–which is required in order to connect a device (or something like that). I am an audiophile but have no technical knowledge. Is there something I can refer to in order to gain an understanding of what the Bluos unit does or can do in a Roon network?

I forgot to mention Soundiiz, which can create Tidal playlists, rename them, change their description, delete tracks, and add tracks.

There are two or more databases- Roon and Tidal. Talking streaming here, both databases are links to song files in Tidal.

Tidal app is software that can access and update Tidal which Roon software syncs to your Roon.

BluOS comes with an app that can also access Tidal. With it you are making changes to Tidal which Roon software syncs to your Roon. BluOS app does not do anything directly with Roon.

Interesting post @Andy_Spinks. Thank you. I also want to “master” playlists in Tidal. I think there has been a little progress though.

It used to be the case that personally-curated playlists in Tidal were synced in Roon when Tidal was joined to Roon…but not thereafter. There were a few threads about it - here for example:

I’ve just noticed that’s changed though. A playlist I created in Tidal just a couple of days ago has appeared in Roon. That’s a big step forward, but it does highlight another couple of issues for me.

  1. If this was a bug that’s been fixed, it would be great to assign a ticket number to that bug so I track if it’s been fixed.
  2. If this was new functionality, why not publish a roadmap and sing and dance when it’s been delivered?

I’ve looked for an announcement about this functionality being delivered and can’t find one. It was a major frustration for me that’s been removed, and it’s irritating that I learn that by chance. It would also be great to allow users to vote on their priorities like (say) Microsoft do. If it gets enough votes, it gets developed.

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I think you were misunderstanding how it worked and works. Playlists sync from Tidal to Roon continuously- no recent change.

Microsoft does allow voting on UserVoice but people get super frustrated that the top vote getting requests have sat open for years.

@RobOK I understand very thoroughly how it works now and how it has worked for the 3-4 years I have been a subscriber. I have tested it very thoroughly and have documented in detail what doesn’t work. Perhaps my use of the word “broken” is confusing—I know that these things have NEVER worked, but they should have worked from the start.

Hey @RobOK . I think your note was directed at me. If you search for “tidal playlists sync” in the threads, you’ll find many, many threads that refer to personal Tidal playlists not syncing. You’ll also find comments from Roon tech support employees acknowledging the issue.

With regard UserVoice, I get that Microsoft leave items unattended for years. My point was more that perhaps Roon could do it how it should be done - publish (i) a roadmap for future enhancements and (ii) a list of stuff that they know is broken and are working to fix.

My personal experience (and per the threads - that of others) is that personal Tidal playlist syncing didn’t work and now it does. It would be great to have that referenced in a release note or reply to one of the many threads somewhere.

Apologies, i was replying by phone, was not intended for you. I appreciate the work you did to document, you and i are on the same page!

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@Lee_Johnson1 Sorry for my hasty reply above in the thread, it probably deserved a more nuanced treatment. I am highly unsatisfied with the state of Tidal - Roon integration around Playlists.

I was reacting to the part quoted above. I have been using Tidal and Roon for a long time, mostly around playlists. While I have had SLOW sync, measured in hours, I have never had the case where a playlist I created did not show up in Roon. Just because it works for me (albeit not always smoothly), doesn’t mean it works for everyone – i do see a lot of variations of sync problems. The way you had said it was a more universal - “Roon used to work this way”, and I don’t think that is true. I have never had to reconnect Tidal to get playlist to sync. Sorry for any confusion on my post.

Very much agreed that the sync has problems. My biggest wish is to make Tidal playlists editable in Roon, i…e a TWO WAY sync!!

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Thanks @RobOK. Helpful context. On reflection, I see that my narrative could have been phrased far more clearly. I assumed that Tidal / Roon playlist syncing didn’t work for anyone, but have now learned that isn’t the case. I’m delighted it’s working for me now - whatever the reason may be. I’m right there with you and @Andy_Spinks though - a two-way sync would be fantastic.


Roon favourites are not the same concept as favourites in any streaming service it’s for choosing favourite albums or tracks in your current Roon library this itself is made up of local, and streaming but this unrelated.

If you add an album in Roon to your library it adds it syncs back add that to Tidal favourites. If you add an album in Tidal as a favourite it will add it to your Roon library not Roon favourites.

Playlsits in Roon may contain local and streaming tracks so syncing playlists is tricky unless you have a seperate playlist system for each service which is kind of how it works for the others that sync back. But not from Roons point of view for s UX experience as separating them breaks the unified feel

There are already two different playlist systems. (If I recall correctly, iTunes is a third system.) The unified feel is already broken.

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Roon already identifies Tidal, Qobuz, Roon, and imported playlists as different types of playlists and has different actions accordingly.

Tidal and Qobuz playlists should be two way syncs back to their respective services of songs from those services. Local files would not be on Tidal or Qobuz lists.


Great analisys!!!
I’m really unhappy with Roon update to 1.8 and looking for a way to downdrade it.
All my content is in Tidal, but I can not even sort my Tidal favourite tracks to see recently added tracks on top of a list!
That makes Roon 1.8 for me unusable at all

For what it’s worth, after reading a lot of comments from other users and trying to understand how Roon (does not) work(s) for Tidal/playlist users, here is my summary of what is wrong with Tidal/Roon integration and what could be done about it: Solve the library/non-library conundrum and all the complexities it creates for tagging, focus, playlists etc - #61 by Francois_De_Heel


I don’t recall that being possible in previous versions?

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I think you’re right
But the most normal thing: to see my Tidal Favourites can’t be reached in Roon
In Tracks tab I see not only my tracks but all the albums-content tracks also
This is really pain…

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Hi…I listen to alot of Tidal in work and in the car and I don’t think the Roon recommendations take this into account, the Roon recommendations are very limited. I tend to use Roon at night and listen to a particular type of music. Tidals recommendations are bang on. Closer integration would be much better…

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