Tidal Interface in ROON

Dell Inspiron 15 7569, Windows10, Roon 1.6, Tidal with latest updates

I have the latest firmware Roon 1.6 , all updated, logged out and in of both Tidal and Roon and for an example the view of the Kate Bush site has all of my library files but the Tidal area only shows 3 albums. When I log into Tidal without ROON I see all of the Kate Bush titles in MQA files . I am attaching both a Roon screen shot and and Tida so you can see the MQA versions of Kate Bush available in the Tidal only version and the three titles listed as Tidal in the ROON screen shot. I have sent this to Tidal and they suggested there is something about the ROON interface and that I should send it to ROON for investigation.

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Hi Gary,

If I’m understanding you correctly, you have a bunch of Kate Bush albums already in your library. If that’s the case, Roon will not duplicate them in the Tidal area of the Artist View.

In other words, Roon will only show albums not already in your library in the Tidal area.

I checked those 3 albums on my system and 2 of them don’t seem to be available in MQA. However, I see a remastered version of Aerial, which does show MQA.

Does this help?

Cheers, Greg

In the US, all of her earlier albums were released yesterday in hires and MQA for the remasters. They sound much better than the CD versions I used to listen to.

I just find them searching for Kate Bush and clicking on the albums and then the versions to make sure I’d have correct versions for my primary.

I just checked my Queen collection against the Tidal base and you are right, in that the ones I have in my library are not showing under the Tidal heading. I get it now. Some of the albums in my library(Kate and others) are just that, vinyl that has been transfered to hi-res files by a friend who has an incredible turntable setup and is great at file creation. Most of the vinyl used was originl UK pressing, Hounds of Love was the first pressing UK.

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