Tidal is not working anymore

Hi @support, for a few days now I have a problem with Tidal. Each and every track on Tidal produces an error (see attached image). Any idea why this behaviour occurs? My Tidal login works perfectly on tidal.com
Local tracks work flawlessly. I’m on Roon 1.4 (build 310) stable (64bit).

Thank you!

Hey @osss – can you give us some more details about your network?

Also, two thing that might help here – let us know if you see any difference if you:

  • Reboot the Core
  • Sign out of TIDAL and then back in again


Also include your DNS settings as I have seen tidal issues with missing or incorrect DNS settings.

What OS are you using too?

I had the same issue over the weekend. A hardware reboot of my NUC (running ROCK) fixed it. Note that a software reboot of ROCK only did not fix the issue.

Thanks guys! A reboot was the solution to this, indeed… Since Room was working I didn’t came up with that idea myself…
The problem was a pending OS update on the mac mini Roon is running on. Since it’s a headless machine sitting in a shelf I needed to remotely login to it and after applying that update everything is back to normal!

I see the same on Win 10 when it’s done it’s tricks and waiting for a restart it starts to misbehave in funny ways

I tend to shut the core down most nights for fear of thunderstorms in Johannesburg, it cost mr a lot of hi. Fi once !! Only once …


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