TIDAL Issues - Can't Login

Tidal problem above has recurred. Cannot log into Tidal on Roon; it is playing on all my devices. Have re-booted the core, deleted tidal account and cache from the data base and tried everything but still can’t log in

Strange thing in I log in and get a notice in safari says it’s successful and am asked to authorize for roon but then when i go to settings/services i am not logged in and when I i retry am told to try later

Just tried again with my dealer’s log in and password and same failure. No problem using Audirvana

Was just able to sign in. Tidal albums loaded. In settings it says syncing library, and I suspect it is stuck. Will leave it like this for a couple of hours before I try to play a Tidal album]

After two hours, tried to play tracks in Tidal albums, but not able to. Track is not available from Tidal message. When I check settings/services, I seen that Tidal is stuck on syncronizing the library. Any advice how to fix this?

“show hidden tracks and albums” is turned off on my system. I just imported a large library and have quite a few albums with duplicate tracks and when I play the album each of the tracks is played twice. The only way I have found to get rid of the duplicates is to export the album to an external drive and re-import the album which at that point no longer has duplicate tracks. Is there a quicker, more efficient way of cleaning up these albums?

Was able to listen to Tidal this morning, but can no longer log in. Have rebooted the core several times, deleted tidal account from Roon data base and deleted tidal from cache. Have logged out and can’t log in–told to retry later. Tidal working on all my devices, and on my audio system via Audirvana

Further to above, am able to sign in on iPad via app but it’s hung up on “library syncing now” Tidal Albums show up on iPad but not on iMac core but am not able to play the albums on iPad.

have now logged out on iPad, and was able to log in on iMac, and tidal albums showed up but was unable to play them as syncing library was stuck. Am now re-booting machine after removing tidal account from data base registry and removing tidal and tidal 2 from cache

Hi @Norman_Spector,

It looks like you started/commented on a few threads so I have gathered your posts into one thread so we have the info in one place.

This issue is occurring on the Mac Core, correct? Can you please share a screenshot of the error you’re seeing and send me a copy of your Mac Roon logs by using these instructions?

Hi @noris: Thanks for consolidating [I’m still new to this!] Yes, the problem is on the iMac core. Strange things are happening and am still experimenting with possible solutions, and will get back to you with logs once I’ve exhausted every possible option

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Hi @Noris: I shut down my qnap and loaded my 1139 Tidal albums only and I think I got a message that there was a new version of Roon and changes had to be made to my data base and that it could take some time and the wheel is spinning in settings/services/edit/tidal and album covers have been added and it looks like there are about 15-20% to go. Does this sound like it could be right?

Hello again @noris: Looks like it worked! All Tidal albums now are loaded and am able to play. Will now try to cull the Tidal library before starting up my QNAP

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Hi @noris: Issue resolved. Learned quite a bit about Roon in the process. Thanks for bearing with me

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Hi @Norman_Spector,

Thanks for letting us know the issue is resolved!
If you have any other difficulties with Roon, just let us know!

Hi @noris : I spoke too soon. I load Tidal first and can play albums. Then I load my library and I can play my albums but can no longer play Tidal albums. I have noted that when I go to “Tidal” not all the albums are displayed on that page. Any advice?

Hi again @noris: Just loaded the library in one step and log into Tidal failed and am told to retry later and after multiple tries still can’t log in. So, to re-cap. Can log into Tidal and play albums but when I add my own library can no longer play Tidal albums but can play my own. Or I can load the entire library but then can’t log into Tidal. HELP!!

Hi @Norman_Spector,

Can you please send me a log set?
You can use these instructions to access your Roon logs, please send from the machine your are using as your Core, so if you are still on the Mac, the logs would be under ~Library/Roon/Logs.

Hi @noris; shall do. Can you send me the instructions how to send [don’t have dropbox]

Hi @noris: I think I have it fixed; will let you know if I don’t!

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