Tidal issues: Error Loading Tidal Page, Library Sync and Track Skipping Issues

Having problems with Tidal today:

  1. Error loading Tidal page, albums not showing up under “New” & “Recommended”: Failed to load albums error massage.
  2. Tidal Sync issues: The Weeknd’s “After Hour” album selected on Tidal, but won’t sync to My Library. Cannot see the MQA versions of the album on Roon Tidal page
  3. Multiple instances of skipping tracks and paused do to “Too Many Errors” for the past 2 days.

I’m also running Meridian Sooloos, it has no issues. A couple of new albums shows up on the Tidal App and Meridian Sooloos, but missing on the Roon Tidal page.

Roon Nucleus+:
4TB SSD Internal Storage
OS: V1.0, build 186
Server: V1.7, build 528

Hi @DN28,

Since experiencing this issue have you tried rebooting the Nucleus? You can do so from the Nucleus Web Administration Interface.

I did yesterday, but didn’t help; however, the Tidal page is back today and sync is working too. It’s loading relatively slow though. My take it’s probably a server issue on Tidal’s end if they’re using different servers for the Tidal App, Meridian Sooloos and Roon. Has nothing to do with my home network. Can you confirm?

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Thanks for the update, @DN28. I’m glad things are working for you now. Has the sync sped up to normal speeds or are you still seeing that it’s slow?

It’s working now, but page loading is slower than before (normal). Thanks.

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