TIDAL Issues - have to re-login and disable/enable speakers

Good morning. I also seem to have this problem. It happens roughly once a day. I often find TIDAL not responding in the morning and I see the spinning icon in roon core. It has been happening for over a week now I think. Core is running on windows 10 PC with various devices around the house. Thanks for looking into this. I should add that to fix it, I re-login to tidal and disable/enable my bluesound speakers.

Hi @Aris_Karastergiou,

Welcome to the forum. Can you please provide some more information regarding your network setup so that we can understand this issue better? What model/manufacturer is your networking gear? How is the Core connected, via Ethernet or WiFi?

Thanks @noris. I have an orbi router with a couple of satellites. All devices connected by WiFi. One thing to add, although it is just an impression, is that my issues started when I installed roon bridge on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. An even less documented impression is that things go pear-shaped when I use the roon client on my phone in the morning to play music. When that fails, I check the core and I find the TIDAL wheel spinning, access to TIDAL lost, and (I think) occasionally not even being able to play from my local library. I stopped the bridge yesterday, and this morning all is well, so I will leave it like this for a few days to see whether the bridge is the culprit (or the bridge/phone combination).
Anybody reported similar strangeness before?

Hi @Aris_Karastergiou,

Disabling/Re-enabling the speakers sounds like a device issue. We are aware of a few sporadic TIDAL login issues that we’re looking into but there is some general TIDAL troubleshooting we could do here:

  1. Log out of TIDAL
  2. Reboot the Core (perform a full reboot)
  3. Try to log back in to TIDAL following the full reboot
  4. Verify if the behavior still occurs

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