TIDAL keeps skipping and aborting playback during song after a few minutes with "TIDAL LOADING SLOWLY" error

Roon Core Machine

Having problems as per the subject field where Roon gives up after skipping and goes on to the next track with a “Tidal Loading Slowly” error.

My Roon Core machine is a QNAP SilentNAS HS-453DX, very capable NAS with CPU only at 3-5% playing lossless without DSP. 16GB RAM, database held on SSD with RAID0.

Network is 1gbps connected via unmanaged basic switch, all devices on the same subnet via Untangle NGFW gateway. operating as an ESXI VM on separate host hardware with i7500U CPU.

Endpoint is the same QNAP NAS connected via HDMI to an Anthem MRX 740 AVR

Any thoughts why I’m experiencing this error? It’s not on every track. The last few on the album I’m currently playing have all skipped but this current one looks like it’s going to play until the end. I did see the post about a guy having similar issues using wifi, but I’m not using wifi.

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@111155, please open a support thread as described in this post. Thank you.

Still no reposnse to this. No-one has any ideas how to fix it?

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If you are at home, connect a smartphone to the DAC and turn off wifi, then Tidal works without hesitation over the mobile Internet, it is worth connecting home wifi, as Tidal starts to hang up again. The problem is in Tidal !

Problem is I’m not using wifi!

The error message implies that there is an issue on your network. Moreover, I note that your NAS doesn’t meet the minimum requirement to run Roon, i.e., it uses an Intel Celeron J4115. This may also cause some performance issues.

You also mention the Untangle NGFW, which acts as your router. I assume this sits in front of your ISP router. Are you double-NATing?

It is strange you should say that, as in the past the product page on QNAPs site for that model had Roon all over it (weirdly its no longer there) and processor isn’t the issue. It’s not taxing the CPU at all, and I can easily run it with the sample rate being upsampled.

It only affects MQA, only certain tracks and always skips in exactly the same place. I don’t have an ISP router, my connection is raw cat6 directly into the apartment, but I see what you say about double NATing. Will investigate!

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Single-core performance is poor, and this is important with Roon.

What sample rates? And, are you using the MQA core decoder in Roon (Device Settings > Advanced)? If so, what happens if you turn this off?

Ive been using Roon fine with this setup for the last 2/3 years without issue. I’m telling you the CPU doesn’t break a sweat. I know relatively it’s poor but for Roon it is fine.

I’ve tried it with MQA core decoder off and as Decoder only. Same occurs. I’ll try with a consumer grade router, see if that makes a difference too.

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Hi @Matt_Garside ,

Thanks for reaching out!

Can you please let us know the time + date + track when you next experience this issue?

Are you by any chance using a VPN in this network setup? We’ve activated diagnostics for your account and we are seeing that you are getting errors on your TIDAL Argentia account, but do not appear to be located in Argentina.

Also, can you please confirm what your Roon Settings → Services → TIDAL → Streaming Quality is set to? Are you using HiFi / High / Normal for this setting?

For anyone experiencing this issue who comes across this post. I worked out the reason. Running Untangle as a VM was the cause and changing to bare metal immediately resolved this. Even though the VM had no network issues or bottlenecks, this was the first time.

I do have an Argentina Tidal account as I used to live there and haven’t changed it since.

Thanks all for your advice and assistance.

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