Tidal link not working [Solved]

I’m trying to play Tidal tracks through Roon and the message keeps coming up that the track is currently not available on Tidal. However, I can play it directly on Tidal and have played the same CDs on Roon earlier in the week. At the moment, it seems as though this is on all Tidal content for me.

I had the exact same problem with Roon Server on my mac mini.
After i did mount the SMB shares the problem was fixed and i could play Tidal.
Dunno if this wil fix your problem do.

Thanks - I’m also using a Mac Mini and found that by restarting it solved the problem. It was strange because it was only the Tidal link that wasn’t working on Roon.

Thanks Stephen and Michael. It is interesting that you are both using Mac Minis.

I’m going to mark this [Solved] because it doesn’t require dev attention at this stage. Please feel free to post here again or in a new thread if the issue recurs.