Tidal Login Failed May 6 2022

I have Roon Nucleus. I use Tidal. No issues, until today, when Roon repeatedly tells me that Tidal login failed. I can log in to Tidal directly. But Roon won’t log in to Tidal.

I’m having the same issue. I can click “logout” in Roon, which kicks me over to the web to login to Tidal. I can successfully authenticate to Tidal, but when it tries to kick me back to the Roon app, it doesn’t pickup the login session.

I tried this on both macOS 12.3.1 / Roon 1.8 (936) and on the latest version of iPad OS 15 and the iOS Roon app.

I just tried rebooting the machine that is running my Roon core and that seems to have fixed the Tidal integration.

Same here, Roon Rock on a Intel NUC. A restart of the roon server fixed it.

Fixed it for me too. Thanks. Kinda surprised I overlooked this obvious troubleshooting step.

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