Tidal login is failing

I am fed up!. First 1.8 was not working with an normal Intel graphics driver. Got that fixed and after that I had to download a language library to fix the "settings"problem. Now Tidal login is failing after the latest bugfix. Restarting the Core doesn’t help. Why should I pay a fair amount off money every year to do beta testing? :nauseated_face:


Sign in again to Tidal through your browser. This fixed my login issue.

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Got Tidal working again. But…

Started Roon 5 minutes ago and got this:

  1. Run Windows Update. Update display drivers if necessary
  2. Reinstall Roon client on your PC

Found the culprit: Windows update which installs their latest Intel driver over the Toshiba driver. The Windows Intel driver causes the green stripes in Roon.


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