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Unable to log into Tidal, actually login works fine but Roon is unable to acknowledge the successful login and then show my account in the Room user experience. Same login works without issue at Tidal app and website.

I tried for WEEKS with Roon app to no avail, closed and restarted everything many times, Roon seems to not be using latest federation APIs with Tidal or something weird given no error code and complete lack of any error after successfully logging in through the forced Roon user experience.

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May be worth stating which country , these things are often localised.

The South Africa server is running fine

Hi @Dan_Royal,

Assuming you have a paid for Tidal subscription, not a trial account (as Tidal don’t allow that with Roon).

Try these steps:
In Roon’s Settings–>Services … logout from the Tidal account
Reboot the Nucleus and your internet router.
Once the devices are back up …
Add the Tidal account again (with the email address associated with your Tidal account)

PS What device(s) are you using to control Roon?

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Hey @Dan_Royal,

Ben here with the support team, I wanted to check in on this thread to see if @Carl’s steps helped with getting you access to your tidal account?

If not, please grab a time stamp (day,time) of when you attempt to gain access to your account and we’ll dig in deeper.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Hey, want to first say thank you for such quick replies and for circling back to check in, great customer support :slight_smile: !

So I finally got a chance to try the recommended next steps and right before trying I got the system up and opened the Roon app and to my surprise it just all worked. Weird.

I’m in the US, Seattle, and using an iPhone for Roon control. I did check for latest software versions on all things and everything was and still is up to date. Honestly have absolutely no clue what changed but it works now. Running version 1.8 on my iPhone and nucleus and I haven’t updated the software on the audiocontrol in a while. Will turn everything on and off a few times in different order to see if I can repro but issue seems either gone now or transient.

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