Tidal Login Problem

same issue for hours. in the end I fixed it my closing the Roon server on my Sonic transporter clearing the Roon cache, restarting Roon server, closing it again, cleared cache again, restarted Room server again- THEN I could log into Tidal!!

Yep. I am in the same boat.

Annoying that you have to do this dance every couple of days…

I have exactly the same problem. Check Network every time still mis-connections all the time.

This problem reared its ugly head again today. Sigh.

I have the same problem. Re-entering my credentials gives a “There was an unexpected error, please check your account details.” message. Nothing has changed in my setup since last time.
When I log into Tidal using a browser, there is no problem.
After I restarted the Roon Server (sudo systemctl stop/start roonserver) the problem is gone…

Still happens here, too.

I have been experiencing login problems with Tidal lately as well. I have been unable to login to Tidal in Roon and Audirvana but am able to login to the desktop and web players with no problems. I’ve discovered that my problem was linked to the use of a DNS service (Smart DNS) I use to access Netflix in other countries as well as other TV services. (I moved to Mexico and use these to access TV shows “back home” in Canada). Once I disabled the DNS service everything worked fine. I find it odd that Tidals own players work fine with DNS service enabled but Roon and Audirvana don’t.

From what I’ve been reading re Tidal they have been placing tighter restrictions on the use of VPN and DNS services to access Tidal in the countries. I’m only guessing here that that may be the source of my issues with Tidal login.

Just wanted to share this for others who may be using VPN or DNS services and are experiencing login issues on Roon.

Both my Boss and I ran into the same problem. He is using a Bryston BDP-2 as an endpoint and I am using a mRendu. I found changing our Tidal passwords seemed to correct the problem. See what happens.

Am having similar login issues with Tidal via Roon. Have reset password and can access via Tidal desktop / app but not through Roon. Did all my set up a while ago and now back to being a tech illiterate so help appreciated, Core runs on Sonictransport.

Did you reboot your core. That often sorts it.

Ok. And just for a moment pretending that I am a total dullard does reboot mean switch off and on again?

Yes, it does. Always a good thing to try.

Think the phrase is “bingo”. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

My pleasure. It happened to me…

I’m having the same issue and have tried restarting the core and deleting the cache as recommended in some posts. I installed Roon for the first time in the last month and have never been able to log-in to Tidal. Always get the red pop-up message “Bad user name or password”.

I am Life Time Subscriber to roon for the last two years. At approximately the same time subscribed to TIDAL’s HiFi and since then had no issues until two days ago when I launched roon and saw that I was not logged in to TIDAL HiFi. So I re-entered my ID and password and was informed my email or password was bad. I also attempted to login to the App and even the program recently downloaded to my iMac.
I even requested a reset password, which I accomplished but it was accepted until I used it and again received the same bad email or password. So,

I sent a support request asking what happened given my subscription is automatically deducted monthly and nothing is incorrect that I am aware of. To date, no response save an assignment of a support number. But no solution provided. For two years, every time I launch roon or another computer audio program that enables TIDAL HiFi, there’s never been an issue.
Has anyone experienced a rejection from TIDAL? Or suffered days with no resolution of the problem I took pains to communicate the problem to them. The support response has been only a ticket assignment. If my post is not in accordance with roon’s posting rules, please feel free to delete. I am merely trying to find out if other roon subscribers has had their otherwise subscription impeded for no explained reason. And response time so far silent.

Have you re started your Roon Core?

Dear Chris,
Not sure what reason your question addresses. My roon core is located on a Mac Mini where it has been since the beginning of my roon life-time subscription. Perhaps I may have confused my situation in my last post and that has prompted your question. So I’ll try to be more exact just in case. I have had no issues with roon re subscription as a LifeTime Member since early on when roon was first offered to the general public at a discount. In fact in the early days after having downloaded roon, I had no problems deciding to purchase a lifetime membership with the discount offered as the program even then was so impressive. Also,
Around the same time, I concluded TIDAL and their HiFi subscription would be a good combination with roon as it appeared to be well integrated. or I could employ TIDAL HiFi alone with their App or with other methods of bringing TIDAL’s music into my life. From the onset of my subscription, I never had an issue with TIDAL HiFi.
I was surprised to discover a few days ago while beta testing Sonic Studio’s Amarra 4 Luxe which also integrates TIDAL HiFi that my login credentials for TIDAL HiFi were no longer accepted despite timely automatic payments. I then launched roon and discovered the same refusal.
I had not changed anything other than updating roon and TIDAL HiFi when new builds became available. I am a beta tester for Sonic Studio’s Amarra 4 Luxe and have been a beta tester on a voluntary basis since 2011 when I first took up the “hobby” of computer music. A4L like roon provides integration with TIDAL HiFi. I even requested a reset for my password in an attempt to “fix” any ills. The request and new password were accepted; but when entered into the login employing the same email and new password, access was denied as bad email or password. No attempts from my end worked. So,
I contacted TIDAL’s support which is abysmal. I have contacted them several times requesting relief with nothing but a ticket assignment relating to my request for support. I wondered if someone might have hijacked my account and changed it? Is that possible? What advantage? I would dispute any further payments if unwarranted.
I thought to post at roon’s forum jic others have had a similar problem with login denials. roon’s support spoils it for me compared to other products and their support responses and/or times. roon’s support is undoubtedly the best in the business, in my opinion. Days have gone by and no explanation provided me. I gather I will or won’t hear back and not from a live person.

Hi Richard, like you, I am a lifer after Beta Testing with Roon. The only times I have had Tidal login issues, restarting the ROON core, fixed it for me.
I hope you can get things sorted soon. Chris