Tidal MQA does not display lossless in Signal Path

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Roon with ROCK (Linux ALSA) on my Nuc i7.

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Hello, I am using Tidal MQA, but in Signal Path it only shows me ENHANCED, not LOSSLESS?

Hello @Claudio_Silva,

I suspect all is fine, however, can you upload a screenshot of the Roon Signal Path so it can be checked.

Hi Carlos

That is absolutely fine. Roon is reporting that your DAC is performing the MQA decoding and rendering and this is why it shows as “Enhanced”.

What would be the correct way?

Because Tidal MQA is not lossless when it’s being upsampled from 44.1 or 48 to it’s “unfolded” resolution of 88.2 or 96 or higher.

That is absolutely fine.

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This means that Enhanced is better than Lossless

Not entirely correct Jim. Signal path can be Lossless with MQA. See mine for example.

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Well yes, of course, it’s not being upsampled. It’s a 44.1 MQA file.


My bad Jim. Misread your post.

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No, you were right. I corrected my post.


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