Tidal MQA ERROR Message after 1.6 upgrade

Running Roon Nucleus through a Mytek Manhattan with Tidal hires subscription and has been performing flawlessly. 1.6 upgrade a few days ago and now getting on the Mytek MQA ERROR screen on the front of the unit. File path seems ok not sure if the upgrade reset something hoping you can help.

Have you powered down the DAC and on again plus anything else in the digital audio chain? Reboot the Nucleus too.

Hello @David_Silva,

The reason that you are seeing the MQA error on your Mytek Manhattan II is that you have enabled Headroom Adjustment in Roon’s DSP settings. This is causing Roon to send an MQA Core Decoded stream to your Mytek Manhattan II, which on older firmwares does not register properly.

To resolve this issue, you should make sure you have updated the firmware to the latest available at


You were correct. I was one generation behind on firmware, control panel and USB driver. I uninstalled all and reinstalled new. Plays now with Mytek Manhattan displaying OFS. The signal path in Roon on the render tab reads ORFS. I saw this topic and will read up on it. Assuming either output display is rendering MQA file properly.
Thank you again

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